Friday, July 6, 2012

Bev Oda resigns over frivolous spending

Conservative MP Bev Oda resigned amid ongoing concerns about her frivolous spending of tax dollars. Too bad Peter McKay’s expense account is untouchable. He’s just as bad. Oh bla di oh bla da, life goes on. It’s just the continuous saga of ruthless cuts mingled with frivolous spending all in the name of greed.

Meanwhile, Spain kicks off it’s annual bull running event as their Chief Judge resigns under similar spending controversies. I guess the bull running event has new meaning now. Not just in Spain but everywhere across the globe we have to run for our lives from the banking fraud bullshit.

I saw that ridiculous Harper attack add last night repeating the same old ridiculous nonsense. This one even had the audacity to claim Mulcair opposes trade agreements that will help the economy. How stupid does this guy think we are? Sending our jobs overseas isn’t going to help the economy.

There is nothing wrong with free trade. There is no reason to put crazy things in a free trade agreement that have nothing to do with free trade and everything to do with giving up our sovereignty and our democratic system. TILMA is insane. Making it illegal for any level of government to create a law that will inhibit a corporation’s ability to make a profit.

Making it illegal for the government to protect the environment? Making it illegal for the government to tell the oil sand blasters that they have to clean up after an oil spill or create safety regulations forcing them to build cut off valves in the pipeline? That is irresponsible. The trade agreements that Harper supports do not help our economy. They weaken it and remove our sovereignty. Money talks and the bullshit never stops.

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