Friday, July 6, 2012

Pickton cop posted torture pictures online - Update

Again the force becomes a farce. The unprofessionalism has become absurd. The media is reporting that a Coquitlam RCMP Officer posted pictures of him with bound women on S&M porn sites. This officer was also involved in the Pickton investigation. Many of the pictures are too graphic to post but the Vancouver Sun wrote a description of them.

We have already heard how the female officer who represented the police in the Media during the Pickton arrest has filed a class action lawsuit against the RCMP claiming the investigators on the case were very inappropriate and how she was subjected to sexual harassment as a result. This class action law suit has snowballed into an absurd medley of continued inappropriate conduct.

An RCMP code-of-conduct inquiry is underway into a Mountie who played a bit part in the investigation into serial killer Robert Pickton and appeared on an Internet website posing in sexually explicit torture images reminiscent of the pig-farmer's crimes.

In some of the graphic pictures obtained by The Vancouver Sun, Coquitlam Cpl. Jim Brown appears to wear only his regulation-issue Mountie boots and an erection as he wields a huge knife and a bound naked woman cringes in terror.

The narrative of the still photographs, posted on an S&M website, progresses from an apparent street scene of the woman walking past Brown sitting on a wall; he overpowers her; he hog-ties her, he imprisons her in a cage, he threatens her with a large butcher knife and he slashes her.

His detachment commander, Supt. Claude Wilcott, said "The alleged issue was deemed to be off-duty, non-criminal, adult consensual activity during which the individual was not representing himself as a member of the RCMP and thus it did not appear to legal services to meet the threshold for a code-of-conduct violation."

Meanwhile back on the ranch, Missing Women Commissioner Wally Oppal is refusing to reopen the inquiry. Of course he is. He was in a slasher movie himself while he sat on the Missing women inquiry and he didn’t see anything wrong with that. This kind of insanity is very offensive.

On a matter of personal privilege, someone sent me a whole whack of screen clips of the dirty freak. Yes, Cpl Jim Brown is the one holding the knife. Also known as the Kilted Knight. He's no knight but he is jilted. His account has now been emptied but that was only after the case hit the media. It continued for a year after it was reported to the police.

Most of the pictures are pure porn. Nude or semi nude pictures of sexual acts. I don’t run that kind of a server. One could argue those were consenting adults. Yet what our friend the freak doesn’t realize is that the whole concept of posing in pictures with knives and forced sex are fantasies of real criminal acts. Jilted Jim Freak pays someone to stage photos of him with an actress pretending to enjoy forced sex, assaults and knife play. He posts these pictures trying to recruit willing partners in those kind of sick fantasies.

So yes they are pictures of consenting adults but what they are depicting is criminal acts of sexual violence. It’s like the balcony rapist who used a knife to commit sexual assault. The fantasy of getting aroused from forced sex is deranged. Fantasizing about a criminal act are deranged. A person defiantly displaying and bragging about those kind of fantasies to his coworkers is unlawful. It constitutes sexual harassment which is why the RCMP are now facing a class action law suit for failing to enforce the law and protect their employees from sexual harassment.

One will note that in the screen clip of his profile designed to meet willing partners, he claims there is a stalker out there saying slanderous things about him and if anyone potential partner wants to know the truth about him they should find out for themselves and talk to him not a former partner that is warning people about his deranged character. That is yet another red flag. The guy’s a freak defiantly posting his criminal fantasies trying to meet willing partners who are into S&M while a former partner is out there warning people about his true character. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to do the math.


  1. ROFLMAO x1000.......Jeez, talk about a massive judgement "FAIL".....this guy's SA (situational awareness)is non-existent...

    Unless of course he is blinded by his sense of personal power, being a cop and all....yeah, that might explain it...

    Seriously, HOW THE FUCK does this guy pass a psych test to be the police??? He belongs on the other side of the fence. This is not just HAVING those fantasies, which would be bad enough, but he 1) Acts them out 2)Photographs/video's it and 3) POSTS THEM ON THE INTERNET!!!

    You just can't make this shit up....but hey, it was "off duty" blah blah....

  2. Yeah pretty bizarre that it happened and that they said well it was off duty between consenting adults. The consenting adult was an actress or else it wouldn't have been consensual. She was slashed with a knife in the pictures. That is an unhealthy fantasy to be acting out. It is also a criminal act. Makes me really want to know why we didn't hear about the off duty police officers attending parties at Piggy's Palace like the media reported we were going to hear at the Pickton inquiry.

  3. You might want to check your facts. He was not in the series of pictures you are describing with the knife. You also seem to know very little about the BDSM community. While it's not my personal kink, many people are into consensual knife play and/or blood play. Things like safewords are used so that the bottom/submissive partner is safe and in control of the situation. There is no criminal act here.

    1. While it is true that there are all kinds of different things/scenario's that "turn people on" sexually, that's not really the point here.

      No one would care that this guy is into BDSM/knife play/blood play/whatever, EXCEPT for the fact that he's a cop. He has power fantasies, AND he's a cop. He's EXACTLY the kind of person a law enforcement suitability psych test/interview should be designed to weed out, because he will be put in a position where, if he should act them out in real life, he will do so with a large degree of immunity from detection and prosecution.

      These guys get away with everything short of murder (oh wait, there was that guy on Granville, my bad.....and the Polish guy at the mind, I guess they DO get away with murder) anyway, and you want to give someone whose wiring is arranged in this fashion police powers?? Are you fucking nuts?? This guy has a predator mentality, AND he acts it out. AND posts it on the internet. FAILFAILFAIL.

      Someone like this is likely to seek out a job as an authority figure the same as child molesters like working around kids. It's a "natural" attraction (for them) but also one we want to discourage to begin with and root out when we find it. I find the fact that this dude wears his RCMP knee boots to be EXTEMELY "indicative", as the shrinks say. The knife play/blood play thing as well, wow, does this really need explaining?? IT GETS HIM OFF TO FANTASIZE ABOUT CUTTING WOMEN UP WITH A BLADE. A cop with serial killer fantasies tied to his sex urge. Great....

      I can't wait to see how many women he's met in the line of duty that he's also gone on to indulge this kind of activity with. I've got $20 says they're out there. And the more publicity this gets, the sooner we will hear from them. I have another $20 says we also hear that some of them wound up being afraid of him and were reluctant to piss him off or complain about him officially because.....wait for it....HE'S A COP.

    2. I agree with Trailrunner. The screening process is supposed to weed out that kind of behaviour not promote it. I knew a clean cut young kid who was applying to become an RCMP officer a while ago. He said the questionnaire asked all kinds of very strange and detailed information about what kind of porn you watch, how much time you spend and what not. He said the questions were very strange and the survey freaked him out. It's hard to know if they are trying to screen that stuff out or profile and promote it.

      Wearing RCMP boots in the act is another red flag. I hate to admit it but how often do we hear off duty police officers say I'm a cop! So? I got into an argument with one off duty cop once who was trying to get a special deal. He shouted out, I'm a cop as though that meant something and he wanted special treatment. I turned to him and looked him in then eye and said oh, you mean like Kelowna? That was right after the Geoff Mantler case was in the news. The guy freaked and went ballistic. He said that comment was uncalled for and then went on and on about one bad apple. I responded by saying it isn't just a matter of one or two bad apples. The police are getting a lot of bad press these days and I proceeded to cite half a dozen specific cases. This whole command culture of off duty police officers trying to get a special deal because they are a cop is disturbing.

  4. That is a lie. Jim Brown is holding the knife. Someone just sent me a whole whack of screen clips. I will post a couple more shortly. Most are just not appropriate. Safe words?! This man is a freak and should not be in law enforcement. Period. Those are the only safe words there are to protect the innocent in our community.

  5. BTW I consider the fact that I know nothing about the BDSM community to be a good thing.

  6. Agent k im starting to belive the stories about the pickton farm and the rcmp together.... creepy

  7. The stories about pickton holding chicken fights and then kinky blood sports where people could pay to beat up or play rough with women? And the stories that the hells angels and some high class types, as well as RCMP were in on the kinky games, and then Pickton was the disposal guy? Makes a person wonder why any mention of the hells angels were dropped so quickly and pickton was the only guy who took the fall. Maybe the cops involved in the investigation / trial / inquiry were hiding something.

  8. Clearly the police admitted they were hiding the fact that the Hells Angels were under surveillance on the farm because they didn't want to look bad for bungling the investigation. That is what they claimed under cross examination by Cameron Ward at the inquiry. What else they were hiding is unknown. We were told the inquiry was going to hear testimony that off duty police officers attended parties at Piggy's Palace but we never did hear that testimony.

  9. Wow I'm beyond disgusted at the poor judgement of this officer.

  10. so wrong, wonder if the comission was ever nitified about that RCMP officer ,

  11. dr kola kolawole, male psychiatrist from Hamilton Ontario had been convicted of second degree felony, forcible sexual abuse, and third degree felony forcible sodomy molestation of three juvenile patients at the ontario facility where he worked and sexual assault of a highschool girl in a park. He destroyed my daughters life, Merry Christmas


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