Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bacchus president pleads guilty to manslaughter

Matthew Foley, 50, pleaded guilty to manslaughter on Thursday in connection with the shooting death of a Saint John man outside of the Bacchus Motorcycle Club's headquarters July 14. He was originally charged with second degree murder and copped a plea.

So we now know for certain Matthew Foley was the one that shot him and is therefore a murderer. Glad we got that straight. However, one thing is certain and it wasn’t manslaughter. He was seen on video pulling out his gun and going after Michael Schimpf. He was then seen returning to reload then going back after Schimpf. That was not manslaughter. He had the intent to kill him and he did exactly that.

Not only that but he shot up the whole neighborhood. That was reckless endangerment. It is a crime not to charge him with that. This case is clearly gang related because the murderer is the president of a gang and the shooting took place outside the gang’s clubhouse. The victim doesn’t have to be a member of a gang for it to be gang related. The shooter was so that makes it gang related.

The police are still saying it wasn’t related to organized crime. The murderer claimed the victim threw a brick through the window of his tattoo shop. That is what the murderer said. The victim can’t testify because he’s dead. An anonymous poster in support of the murderer claimed it wasn’t gang related because it was about drugs. Which would mean it was related to organized crime.


  1. He should have been charged with murder in the first to begin with. The fact that he wears a patch on top of that should bring a mandatory death sentence, same as what he meted out.

    Canadian Justice is a JOKE, No longer the true north strong and free......


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