Thursday, July 26, 2012

George Bush's visit to Surrey cost taxpayers $45,000

Speaking of George Bush and 9/11, CBC just released the policing costs of George Bush and Bill Clinton's visit to Surrey last year: $45,000.00. Now it is not surprising that hosting any foreign dignitaries would cost money for security. Especially for a war criminal. He would need more protection than a real dignitary. However, if Dianne Watts really did say policing for the event wouldn't cost taxpayers anything, that was not only untrue but unrealistic. Any event where the police are needed costs money.

At first I accepted Dianne Watts response as to why she invited Bush to Surrey. She simply said it's a nonpartisan event and we are inviting famous leaders from around the world. Then when I heard her offensive rhetoric about Bush not being charged for vetoing the bill to stop torture she lost my vote and my support. George Bush and Bill Clinton were the last people on earth to invite to an economic summit. George Bush put the United States trillions in debt through lies and fraud while his pal Dick Cheney became a war profiteer through Halliburton.

The Bush family has a long history of investment fraud. Bill Clinton could speak on money laundering in Mena, Arkansas and how he helped crash the BCCI. Listening to those two clowns we can learn what not to do. I am bitter. We should not have invited them to speak. Then claiming it wouldn't cost taxpayers any money was simply dishonest.


  1. Agent K,
    you are not surprised are you? plus I am sure this is only what she has agreed to publish, the real amount is probably a lot higher..

    when does Surrey Mayor ever tell the truth?
    how about only if it suits her and her Gang?

    What did it cost the City when she went to Geneva Switzerland earlier this year?
    She said nothing, well haven't we heard that lie before.

    A Mayor that puts a blind eye to a specific Contractor threatening a father with a gun at night just 2 give up part of his land to more construction her developers want, is disgusting and goes too far.

    Why is the Mayor not standing up for Surrey when it comes to the Endbridge Pipeline? the darn thing would go smack through the City... Where are the people with Common Sense?

    Just saying

  2. Enbridge pipeline going through Surrey? I thought it was the northern pipeline and was going to Kitimat on the northern coast. She went to Geneva on the taxpayers dime? What for to open a bank account for her lobbyists? Which land? "Her" contractors, you mean the public company she created for the city of Surrey that is a conflict of interest and is not publically accountable. Please explain.

    1. The Pacific Institute For Public Engagement has a great article that answers some of your questions :)

      bribery at CityHall common,
      the problem is we got no whistleblowers, yet, 2 many 2 greedy, they fall for that silence gift, I am sure one day we will find out how much money has been paid to "silence" the potential whistle blowers...

      We never did find out about Dan Bottrill that dropped his lawsuit all of a sudden hmmm. He is now working in White Rock :)

      Conflict of Interest absolutely, CityHall is somebody's puppet all right, big huge PR machine behind her... money talks, money buys money kills...

      No Transparency, No Accountability, No Humanity, A 1 Slate Council will do whatever they want, don't we see it in Harper & earlier with Campbell? they both learned from Bush, are we in the US already? sure feels like it some days, RepsCan

      Freedom & Democracy becoming words of foreign language

    2. I like Ross Buchanan. Thanks for the links. I'll have to explore them. Did this relate to that secret development corporation she created?


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