Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another Enbridge Oil spill in Wisconsin

CTV is reporting that Enbridge Energy Partners is being investigated after some 1,200 barrels of oil spilled into a field Friday near Grand Marsh, Wisconsin, causing the shutdown of the company's pipeline that transports light crude from Canada to refineries in the Chicago area. Enbridge is the wrong company to build a pipeline in BC. Enbridge Gag Orders.


  1. Ok so Enbridge spilled a little oil. Either shut your cars and trucks off for good, heat your house with wood and use candles for light or maybe be less of a hipocrite!!!!

  2. Take the board out of your own eye. This is more than spilling a little oil. This is a company that is spilling a lot of oil on a regular basis because of bad maintenance and bad safety. They are clearly negligent. BTW who killed the electric car anyways?


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