Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stripper agencies want to recruit at High Schools

Once again, this is absurd. The Vancouver Province is reporting if the Vancouver School Board won’t let the adult entertainment industry recruit strippers from within its high schools, industry reps say they’ll stand out on the street and hand out flyers. How about not let them at the job fairs and arrest them for handing out flyers to kids under 18. Strippers work in bars. They should be 19 not 18. Once again this is an example of the bold arrogance the industry displays as it demands to push the envelope regardless of public opinion. Let kids be kids. Stay out of High schools you God forsaken animals.

Let's do some math. Years ago the Vancouver Sun quoted Andy Richards as saying: There used to be six or seven agencies that handled strippers in Vancouver, but now two are controlled by the Angels or associates and one is an independent, Richards said. In the early 1990s, Richards said, the now-dead Hells Angels member Donald Roming was one of the key enforcers helping push others out of the stripper business -- at one point seriously assaulting one of the owners of another agency.

"Without speaking ill of the dead, he was responsible for laying a very serious beating on a 67-year-old man who was involved with one of the independent companies at the time, to the point this guy was hospitalized," he explained. There were no arrests from these "takeovers" because of the victims' reluctance to report the activities to police, he added. We know, that the "largest name" in stripper agencies is located at Suite 101 - 10768 King George Hwy, Surrey, in the Flamingo Hotel.

Do we really want the Hells Angels recruiting strippers in our high Schools? I don't. It starts off with an invitation to be a stripper to raise money for university tuition. Then they give them some E to "help them lose weight." Then they give them some blow to help them perform. Then they give them some crack to save money. Low and behold a crack ho is born. That is exploitation.

I really find it irritating when so many Hells Angel trolls keep trying to post bullshit in the comments. I quoted Andy Richards who said the Hells Angels used violence to take over the stripper industry in BC. Let’s take Surrey for example. White Rock Hells Angel Randy Jones owns T-barz in Surrey. That is a strip bar. He has it registered in his mothers name. He used to have the tbarz domain name registered in his name until I went public with that info. Then he put that in his mothers name too.

CJ Spoon, also known as CJ Barroby, is a flaming idiot. He has a stripper facebook group and recruits strippers for Randy and T-barz. CJ was the one given house arrest for trafficking cocaine for the Hells Angels from the traitor Peter Leask. So let’s do the math. Randy Jones, Hells Angel. Owns a strip bar in Surrey. CJ Barroby, convicted of selling cocaine for the Hells Angel. CJ has a stripper agency and supplies Tbarz with strippers. That is two documented connections of the Hells Angels being involved in the stripper industry in Surrey. The freakin headquarters of Strippernet is another.


  1. You've got this one nailed down K.


    They make their living by creating and feeding off of human misery, by taking people's lives, sucking the hope and potential out of them and converting them to cash to put in their pocket.

    Now they want to do this with young girls straight out of high school. DISGUSTING. This human garbage that infests "Beautiful B.C" (and elsewhere of course) should be taken out and disposed of to protect the innocent's it preys upon.

    As Agent K alludes to, it is well known that many, if not most strippers use drugs or alcohol to enable themselves to do what they do. The thought of these scum preying on those who most need society's protection on disgusts me, almost as much as the fact that society probably won't protect them. Prove me wrong people, prove me wrong......

    God forbid I ever say anything in praise of PET, but Canada could sorely use a PM who would declare REAL WAR on 1%'er organizations. Suspension of all rights and civil liberties for anyone wearing a patch, and speedy disposal thereof, publicly. Watch how fast these fucking cowards organize another toy run for crippled kids.

    I'll tell you, anyone trying to recruit my teenage daughter to strip for public amusement would be found dead in a ditch somewhere. No hesitation. Fucking scum. They really are "Hell's Angels", and someone needs to drive stakes through their black hearts, every last one of them.

  2. I've worked in the criminal justice field for over 20 years and spent a good portion of them working with young women who were sucked into prositution and escorting through stripping. We all know it's just a flimsy cover for the STG's (Security Threat Groups) that continue to prey on our young and vulnerable. We need to start educating parents and our daughters about the dangers these predators represent to everyone. I've seen first hand the results of what this line of work represents. Run ladies, run as far and as fast as you can from these parasites. You're more than a collection of body parts to be used to make a profit for predators and cowards.

    1. "Security Threat Groups", huh? Nice. Well, if they're a threat, how about if we eliminate the threat? I do understand we really can't be as direct as we'd like to be with this, but let's at least keep the concept firmly in front of us. "Educating parents and daughters", while all well and good, also sounds a lot like admitting a large degree of helplessness in that stronger measures will not be taken. I'll bet the relevant STG members are just quaking in their boots at the threat "education" represents to them.....

      We offer education, they offer violence and intimidation, everything from a beating to a bullet in the head. Not much question who wins this one. Until we are willing to do what's necessary to win, society will continue to lose.

      As the saying goes, "Much good work is lost for want of a little more".

    2. No argument there, but until there's the political will to actually do something about it, education is the best you're going to get. Considering the stripping industry is legal as is much of the adult entertaiment industry, what do you propose? We both know that stronger measures should be taken to take the organized crime element out of the adult industry period. We also know that there is more than just a causal linkage to prostitution/escorting and the pornography industry. I'm in 100% agreement with you and hopefully you'll be the one to start the process rolling. It's not a law enforcement issue, it's a community issue and until we address it as such, the bad guys will continue to operate and recruiting our daughters and sisters for their profit. I wish you the best of luck but vigilantism is not the answer, it just puts us down in the muck with the rest of the pigs.

    3. I agree vigilantism isn't the answer. I think Trailrunner is mostly being sarcastic. OK maybe partially. He does have a point in that while the Hells Angels are recruiting drug addicts and prostitutes from the stripper agencies they used violence to take over, holding a public awareness forum doesn't really scare them very much. The only thing that scares them is doing hard time in jail. That's why they have associates take the fall for them.

    4. I agree with you too sir. The point being that it doesn't matter if HA is scared of education or not. We don't use the laws we have to deal with this threat to our safety and the security of our families, nor do we ever put the real culprits in jail. It's completly ass backwards thinking and it frustrates me as well.

      What we can do is protect one girl/woman at a time and try to ensure that they have the resiliency and self confidence needed to never become involved in the first place. It's highly unlikely we're going to make a viable impact on stripping or any of the ancillary crime that surrounds it. Unfortunately; and I've been criticized for saying this but if North Americans didn't want drugs and prostitution then we woldn't have a problem. No customers means no profit and takes our children right out of the food chain. Tougher laws won't change anything. Educating the public to the dangers these groups represent (much as you do here on your incredible blog)has far more impact than you know. Public exposure of groups such as the low lifes trying to recruit our daughters for the stripping industry and the bottom feeders that supply the drugs, violence and intimidation does a lot of damage to their public image and ability to conduct business under the radar. Don't all cockroaches run for the shadows when the lights are turned on?

    5. This is a can of worms so, one worm at at time.

      No, we do not use the laws we have. But truthfully, I don't blame LEO's for that. There are plenty of cops who would make arrests if they knew they weren't wasting their time, that said arrests would actually be prosecuted, and those convicted actually given something other than a slap on the wrist. This one is on the judiciary.

      Drugs and prostitution are not going away. I favor legalization of both. While we will not mitigate the effects on the user (that aspect will remain the same) what we will do is remove the profit motive, the criminal activity, and the violence. At this point, it's the only thing that hasn't been tried......

      I am not talking about vigilantism, although a few successful examples of such might well go far to demonstrate to the rest of the flock that predators CAN be effectively dealt with. Right now no one believes they can be, because their is no real example of it. Seeing is believing and all that.

      Being sarcastic...hmmm....not so much. If anyone thinks they will be able to deal effectively with such as the Hell's Angels by not being willing to get down in the muck they are wrong. You have already lost, if for no other reason than you have already conceded the venue. And as we have already said, they are willing to do what you are not. This = you lose. To win you must be willing (and able)to do what they are willing to do and more. To go as far as they will, then more so. False moral superiority that keeps the gloves on won't cut it.

      That shit your mother told you about violence never solving anything is just that, shit. It actually solves quite a bit. Nothing opposes less than a dead opponent.

      While I do not support fascism/totalitarianism (there is no real difference between the left and the right in this question, that is fiction, but also a discussion for another time/post) there is something to be learned from an example thereof as far as freedom of action and not getting bogged down in procedure.

      When Mussolini came to power in Italy, one of the first things he did was go after the Mafia. He had them rounded up and executed. Those roaches that survived did so by not coming out of their holes. Those that did got squashed, and it took the Mafia decades after ol' Benito would up hanging by his heels to "recover". Sounds to me like violence solved quite a bit. The problem is that government could be expected to suck at the application of this idea to the problem. Who'd be in charge of that, Harper? LOL.

      I'm not saying I have a blueprint. If it was that easy, someone would have done it already, right? And it takes a united citizenry of like mind, the exact thing politicians have been working against for years, the better to further their own agenda's. So, we don't have that.

    6. I'm not saying I have a blueprint. If it was that easy, someone would have done it already, right? And it takes a united citizenry of like mind, the exact thing politicians have been working against for years, the better to further their own agenda's. So, we don't have that.

      These people succeed because the "system" as it is now configured is not capable of responding effectively to them. You are right, where this goes from that point, if anywhere, is up to the system/politicians/citizenry who have let it get to the point it is now at. Which sadly means, nowhere.

      When I say I would have no problem with the people we are talking about being disposed of like the garbage/security threat that they are, I am not being sarcastic. I am dead serious. We all know they deserve it, and then some. How much blood/human misery is on their hands? Enough to justify it many times over.

      While part of me likes the low muss/fuss of that HA grow rip team near Salmon Arm being found dead in their vehicle by the side of the road, it's not practical at present. Who would accomplish that? The same folks who can't take 2 steps without treading on their own dicks? They're not up to something like that. We're talking real BBR (Big Boy Rules) here, not little league. And attractive as the concept of quick, efficient justice is, I do believe the interests of society would be better served all around by a long drop and a quick stop in full view of the body politic. But said politic would have to put the boots to their political masters first, and what testicular fortitude they ever had has been largely removed over the last 50 years. The guys who fought and won against Nazi Germany would be ashamed to see what Canada has become inside the span of a human life.

      So, it will all continue as we see it presently, the greed, the human misery, and the injustice of it all. Very sad. Sadder still that we cannot seem to do anything about it but to note that reality.

  3. One supporter claims it's just in Ontario but the Vancouver Province is reporting: "If the Vancouver School Board won’t let the adult entertainment industry recruit strippers from within its high schools, industry reps say they’ll stand out on the street and hand out flyers." It doesn't change the fact that the Hells Angels control much of the stripper industry in BC and used violence to take it over. The Hells Angels also have a large presence in the stripper agencies in Ontario.


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