Monday, July 2, 2012

New Podcasts about the Hells Angels and 911

I finally finished my next two podcasts. One is about the Hells Angels and the Canadian Drug trade while the other is about 9/11 inconsistencies. I’m not trying to imply the Hells Angles were in any way responsible for 9/11. Those are two separate podcasts.

The Podcast about the Hells Angels and the Canadian Drug trade zeros in on Winnipeg and the recent family photo from Stony Mountain. That pictures shows the Hells Angels continued support for the Zig Zag crew’s drug trafficking.

The Podcast about 9/11 simply raises three points. The fact that the third tower collapsed into it’s own blueprint at freefall speed when no planes hit it. The fact that the Twin towers were half full of asbestos and the Port Authority were denied a permit to demolish them and had to pay for the manual removal of the asbestos. The fact that Operation Northwoods was real and was implemented in Europe as Operation Gladio. That’s it.


  1. Agent k you have to agree with me that winnipeg is the ugly stepchild of the HA in canada. I mean what a crew of misfits and fuckups.

  2. They have certainly established a bad precedent but I don't think it's a different precedent than anywhere else in the country. They just got caught. The club will recruit and accept the drug money and all's fine and well until someone gets caught. Then the knives in the back come out faster than you can say Juel Stanton. Look at John Punko. Ya think they'd really kill him just because he might lose his criminal org appeal? That is f*cked up. Ask Rusty.


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