Friday, July 13, 2012

Hells Angels selling drugs in Massachusetts

Jeffrey Dillon, president of the Sidewinders, a Hell's Angels puppet group in Massachusetts, has been charged with various firearm offenses and possession of cocaine with the purpose of trafficking.

John R. Bartolomeo, of East Boston, was sentenced to a 35-year federal prison sentence for the killing a rival motorcycle gang member and for distributing cocaine and methamphetamine.

During the initial phase of the investigation, a cooperating individual made a series of undercover methamphetamine purchases directly from Gregory Domey, the then president of the Salem Chapter of the Hells Angels. After being introduced to Domey and Bartolomeo, the DEA Special Agent made a number of large methamphetamine and cocaine purchases from members of the Hells Angels and their associates.

This isn’t just a matter of killing someone from a rival biker gang. It’s a matter of killing a rival drug dealer to gain control of the drug trade. A Southern California professor who is the president of the Fresno California Devil’s Disciples chapter has been accused of trafficking meth. During a raid at his Highland home, investigators seized more than a pound of meth, guns, body armor, and leather biker vests.

Gregory Domey, former president of the Salem Chapter of the Hells Angels, and former East Coast President of the organization pled guilty today to multiple drug charges and was sentenced to 20 years in prison under the "Drug Kingpin" statute.

According to court records, Domey and his codefendants sold cocaine and methamphetamine, from various locations including their Hells Angels Club House headquarters in Lynn, which was protected by members who served as armed guards and by surveillance cameras. Domey and his codefendants sold the drugs to undercover agents and confidential informants on dozens of occasions, many of which were electronically recorded and/or observed by surveillance agents.

Methamphetamine is a synthetic drug which can be as destructive and as addictive as crack cocaine. Commonly known as meth, this drug is spreading from California and has already hit the mid-west. We’re talking about crystal meth. It’s made with Drano. That shit fucks you up. It’s just as bad if not worse than crack. The Hells Angels are bringing crystal meth to Massachusetts.

This isn’t just a few bad members. This was the president of the Salem chapter and former East coast president of the Hells Angles selling meth and the president of a puppet club selling cocaine. That is what they do. That is their purpose for existing. They are drug dealers and should be banned from Sturgis.

I have no problem with someone smoking a blunt and selling some weed. I have a problem with people selling crack and crystal meth and I have a problem with the Hells Angels saying no one is allowed to grow or sell pot but them. That shit just wouldn’t fly if they tried that at Sturgis. Yet that is exactly what they are doing everywhere else. That is why they should be banned from Sturgis.

Let’s not forget Adam Hall, Sergeant at Arms for the Pittsfield, Massachusetts Hells Angels and his brain dead associate with devil horn implants and the number 666 tattooed to his forehead, they’re from Massachusetts. Adam Hall has been accused of forced prostitution. He and his brain dead devil horn implant associate have been accused of murdering a witness against Hall. That is messed up.


  1. From what I have seen, Meth is much worse then crack.

  2. It's horrible:

  3. These people are criminal SCUM. They should be banned from stealing oxygen that could otherwise be used for good purpose by decent human beings and puppy dogs.

    And Sonny looks like a freakin' bobble head doll in that pic.

    1. Haha. Hehe. Lol. Killers. They all careful anything could tick them off. I just saw Greg. He was having breakfast and so far following the laws but everyone from lynn which is where the club mentioned use to be and where the new one is knows he was involved in a killing but no witnesses and the shooter is dead. 26 years ago. But anyways he did his 20 and is out be careful bad rapping greg. Peace

  4. Here's the news from the Surrey HA:

    "The Hells Angels in B.C. are expanding their territory with a new chapter opening in Surrey, The Vancouver Sun has learned."

    "The new unit of the notorious motorcycle gang has broken away from the White Rock chapter and is calling itself West Point, Sgt. Bill Whalen of the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, confirmed Thursday."

    "The Combined Forces’ biker specialists have been gathering intelligence on the development in recent weeks, Whalen said."

    “We are aware of it,” he said. “It seems to be an internal political thing.”

    "B.C. Hells Angels were seen wearing the new West Point logo on their “flasher,” or breast patch, in recent days as they made their way to Saskatoon for a national “Canada Run” rally this weekend, Whalen said."

    "Right now, West Point appears to have seven members — most of them the younger full-patch bikers that were in the 14-member White Rock group — one of the oldest chapters in B.C."

  5. West Point? Great. Now those clowns think they’re Special Forces when in reality they are just terrorists selling crack.

  6. yea the hells angels left my son for dead in bangor maine in December 2010 thanks to Miguel Garcia, aka migs who was part of it. migs's day is coming he better be looking over his shoulders!


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