Monday, July 2, 2012

Calgary shooting

4 people were shot in a Vietnamese restaurant in Calgary just after 2:00 AM Sunday morning. 2 men are in serious condition, one man is dead. Police say it was a targeted shooting. Police said their investigation will draw on experience from a similar shooting - the gang related 2009 New Year's Day triple murder at the Bolsa Vietnamese Restaurant.

That shooting invovled the FOB (Fresh of the Boat) and the FK (FOB Killers). In the 2009 shooting, Mann, 22, was a known gang member and Bendle, 21, was an associate and had been kidnapped and used as bait to lure Mann to the restaurant. Su'a, a bystander, was also killed. Nathan Zuccherato and Michael Roberto were found guilty on three counts each of first-degree murder for their roles in the triple slaying on New Year's Day 2009.

The Red Scorpions, the Independent Soldiers and the UN have also come to Calgary. In Calgary, the Red Scorpions and the Independent Soldiers appear to be aligned with the FOB while the UN appears to be aligned with the FK.

Tragically, just like the New Years shooting back in 2009, this shooting killed an innocent bystander.


  1. So one group calls themselves FOB, and the next group calls themselves FK, for FOB-Killers? Wow, that's really...... creative. Did they come up with those names during afternoon recess?

  2. The whole idea of creating a group whose sole purpose is to murder members of another group is pretty messed up.

  3. Please, read the words of this top-rank, Zetas' maniac murderer @ his first, recent interrogation;

    Police: *How executions have you ordered?*

    "I ordered about 600."

    *And how many did you kill?*

    "Another 300, with my own hands about 300."

    *And how did you decapitate them?*

    "With my hands, knifes and saws."

    The world's top Psychopath killer?

    Brought to us courtesy of the insane USA Drug-War, which is a murderous failure...

  4. Yeah there was a special on the Mexican drug violence on the other night. That is really messed up. I think the biggest tragedy in the Mexican war on drugs is how the ATF and the US Secret service were clearly on the wrong side supplying the cartels with guns and selling their cocaine for them. It's tragic how the drug war was used to discredit the president who gave up on oil privatization and now the new president supports oil privatization. Imagine that.


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