Friday, July 20, 2012

Larry Amero spotted in Montreal

The Montreal Journal is reporting Larry Amero was seen leaving court in Montreal for a DUI charge July 12 2012. What I don’t understand is why is this guy in hiding, when the White Rock Hells Angels are still doing business as usual despite Randy Jones and his brother Trevor being implicated in that huge cross border cocaine trafficking ring. If Larry was involved with the Bacon Brothers, so was Randy and the White Rock Hells Angles. You can recognize Larry by the deadhead on the back of his hands.


  1. You can recognize him by the dead head on top of his neck as well......

  2. how bout the hand tatt is on the opposite hand morans!

    1. "Morans"? LOL. Do you mean "Morons"? HTF do you expect to "dokta" any truth when you can't even spell. The "O" and the "A" are on opposite ends of the keyboard......

  3. What are you talking about? He has dead heads on the back of both hands.


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