Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hang Matt Foley!

There’s been a lot of traffic on the post about the president of Bacchus in Saint John shooting someone outside their clubhouse. You could say it’s the story of the week. It even surpassed the Larry Amero sighting in Montreal. I take that back. Larry Amero's post just more than doubled the Bacchus shooting post. Ok trippled. Recently I did a podcast about the Big House Crew talking about the absurdity of the Free Deli and the Free Greg Domey campaigns.

Deli was a crack dealer who supported the Ontario Hells Angels murdering one of their own guys from LHS - Loyalty Honour Silence so the Ontario Hells Angels could take over the drug trade in northern Manitoba. Deli isn’t a political prisoner. He’s a crack dealer who supported the betrayal and murder of one of his own guys. Likewise Greg Domey was a crystal meth dealer in Massachusetts. Nothing noble there to campaign for.

Now we officially enter the Twilight Zone as brain dead zombies create a Free Matt Foley page. This is the president of Bacchus that shot the guy dead outside their clubhouse and recklessly endangered everyone in the neighborhood because he was a lousy shot and shot up the whole neighborhood. A campaign to free that guy is stupid and evil.

What’s even more shameful and absurd is Matt Folley the fuck up posing with a baby in a picture on the site. He’s trying to gain sympathy. He just murdered someone’s baby. That is totally offensive. They have brain dead idiots posting offensive comments like you’re in our prayers. We’re praying for you to come home soon. Yeah, praying to who? Because murder is not of God.

I’m sure the victims family are praying their loved one wasn’t murdered. To ask God to bring a murderer home without justice is to mock God justice. We all know that Bacchus are a puppet club for the Hells angels who say support your local 666. These people are insane and offensive.

Instead we need to launch a campaign to have him hanged. I’ve never been a fan of the death penalty but when I see such an outrageous mockery of justice I’m convinced that it’s time to bring it back. Clearly these people have no conscience and the consequence of the law is the only thing that will restrain their murderous hearts.


  1. Agree 100%, with the proviso that these hangings need to be public. Justice done needs to be seen to be done. I volunteer to spring the trap.

    The Criminal Code needs to be annotated to provide for a MANDATORY death sentence for organized crime/gang related killings. It is not fair to the taxpayer to require the public purse to bear the cost ($40K-$50K@year?) to keep these guys in the comfort to which they have become accustomed for the rest of their days.

  2. I was being a little bit sarcastic but from a dollar and sense perspective housing some murders until the end of their days is indeed very expensive. I just think the cult like insanity wanting to free him have no conscience whatsoever and need to face reality.

  3. Things are rolling along as usual;

    "Police in British Columbia say one of two men charged with cocaine-related offences is an associate of the Hells Angels."

    "Thirty-one-year-old Kristopher Pfeifer of Maple Ridge is charged with trafficking cocaine, and 48-year-old Chilliwack resident Constantinous Anthony has been charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking."

    "Sgt. Bill Whalen says Pfeifer is an associate of the Haney chapter of the Hells Angels."


    1. Another case to add to the list. No doubt they will say it was just an associate not a patch member but it is another documented connection between the Haney Hells Angels and the drug trade.

  4. Yeah that "Free Whomever-Victim of the Man keeping us down shit" is not fooling anyone.


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