Monday, August 27, 2012

Davie Giles – BUSTED!

Now that made my day. David Giles and three co-accused, Kevin Van Kalkeren, James Howard and Michael Read, have each been charged with cocaine trafficking and conspiracy to traffic in cocaine. Castanet has a video clip of the Press conference. That is the crown jewel of the 2012 Kelowna Summer Jam. Word. No matter how the race is run it always ends the same. Another room without a view waits downtown. Just about the time you're thinkin' it's alright, Breakdown, takedown, you're BUSTED.

Police seized $4 million in cash, firearms and eight kilograms of cocaine from several locations including a hidden compartment in a vehicle. Giles was taken into custody at the Grand Villa Casino and Hotel in Burnaby over the weekend. Also facing charges is Brian Oldham, a Hells Angels sergeant-at-arms in Kelowna. He remains at large and a Canada-wide warrant has been issued for his arrest.

I sure wouldn’t call him quintessential. Although the idea of a pure evil is an interesting concept, he’s the behind the scenes puppet master. He benefitted from the Lenoxville massacre. He was implicated in the Western Wind seizure. He was caught on wire bragging about how Revelle made him $30,000.00 in a few months. He’s not quintessential, he’s the dirty dog. The driving force behind Dale the drag queen’s lies. David Giles is Skeletor. He calls himself the Gyrator but I call him the Rusty Vibrator. Here's a link to some photos of him.

“These groups show a complete disregard for Canadian families, and public safety,” says Superintendent Brian Cantera of the RCMP Drug Enforcement Branch in B.C. Very true. They don’t care who gets killed or who gets tortured as long as they get rich at someone else’s expense. Well done officers. Thank you.

From coast to coast a toast to the host we hate the most

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that Giles was in court today wearing a black t-shirt with a skull on it. Skeletor was wearing a skull shirt. Go figure. I hear Pat James is starting a Free David Giles facebook group just like they did for Matt Foley. I hear these are the new support shirts they’re selling to raise money for Giles’ legal fees. Or should I say bibs.

We need to talk about the social awakening that has resulted in the shattering of two misconceptions that this drug bust represents. First is the ridiculous claim that the Hells Angels aren’t criminals, they’re just a bunch of motorcycle enthusiasts. People here can’t even quote that with a straight face. Everyone here knows that is absurd. All these drug convictions speak for themselves.

Freddy just posted a link to a court challenge in the US where the Hells Angels are appealing their criminal organization status there. Well, they’ve already done that in Canada and lost. The long list of drug convictions shows that is their primary business. The freedom of association means we are free to join a religious or political party of our choosing. It does not mean we are free to engage in organized crime. We know why they are appealing their criminal organization status. They don’t want their proceeds of crime seized by the police.

Sad to think they were ready to kill John Punko just because he might lose his criminal org appeal. To think they would pull a Juel Stanton just to postpone their criminal org status in BC. That really is pathetic. It would be ironic indeed if it was David Giles who became the first Hells Angels criminal organization conviction in BC. I wonder if they’ll shoot him right before the verdict just to avoid that decision.

The next shattered misconception this drug bust represents is the ridiculous claim that rating out a crack dealer is being a rat. That is insane. Crack dealers are rats. Failing to report them is being a rat. The people who murdered Britney Irving and Geoff Meisner are the real rats. Reporting those murderers to the police isn’t being a rat. Failing to do so is. People understand that now. As a result, these two shattered misconceptions means our new social awakening will no doubt bring us into a new era where crime is not cool any more.

Crack and Crystal meth are very addictive and very damaging drugs. The organized criminals who make an obscene amount of money from flooding our streets and small towns with that kind of invasive poison need to be restrained. Ratting out a rat makes this world a better place.


  1. Wow! Good for you, a main target of your posts is down for the count. Big, multi-property raid, cash, guns and drugs seized, and surely HA is faced with property confiscation. And D. Giles down, what a Kelowna Summer Jam surprise you got!

    Everything you said has come true, the Province & its citizens couldn't have gotten a better August surprise.

    RCMP wearing full cloth face masks, didn't see that before, a big strike against the HA Kelowna-poisoning ring.

    1. Let's just hope Giles doesn't go before Peter Leask or Anne Injustice. That would be a conflict of interest.

  2. It is a day to ponder the Kelowna skyline and celebrate the fact that The Angels are all quaking in their little booties. $4 Mill is a drop in the bucket, but I know they hate to lose...and they just lost some profits! (again!) The Province article said some of the money was mouldy... I found that comical, and ironic. Sitting on that kind of cash without laundering it was not so bright. Then again, they aren't exactly known for intelligence. Kudos to the RCMP, the "Rats in the Pipes", the Mexican Police, and Panama authorities. I was hoping the haul would be bigger...but if Giles gets convicted, and "benefitting a criminal organization" charges are brought to bear...then we may have the precident in BC to start seizing the assets of all BC Hells Angels, and start to pay down their debt to society. Let's build a few new schools, hospitals, and pay down the new bridge while we're at it!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ponder the skyline indeed and envision life without those invasive drug dealers.

    2. who will be replaced by other drug dealers...............who, even if they aren't 1%ers, will be equally as ruthless......the futile merry-go-round that is the War on Drugs (TM)

    3. Hey McBlow, is that a new cocaine sandwich at McDonalds? No doubt there are people who want Giles’ job, yet reducing the amount of crack on the street is a good thing. I don’t know if you can get any more ruthless than the crack shack torture chambers in Prince George. Someone else might sell some drugs, true. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t resist their effort and it certainly doesn’t mean we should condone the Hells Angels committing murder for their greedy obsession to control and flood the market with crack. Shame on them and anyone who supports that.

  3. That is indeed good news. It will be interesting to see where this all ends up, hopefully with some serious time for this freak whose fingers are all the same length, and his finger puppets too.

    This would seem to be the time for the authorities to take another stab at having the HA officially branded a criminal organization. Watch the rats run for cover if that happens. What would really put a crimp in their style is if it was extended to all the puppet clubs as well.

    "Wear a patch, go to jail."

    1. HA is suing over their *criminal organization* designation;

      "In a complaint filed in federal court in Washington, the Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation, as the group calls itself, said its designation as a "known criminal organization" by the departments of Homeland Security and State violates immigration law and the group's constitutional rights."

      "Lawyers for the Los Angeles-area-based group describe its membership as composed of loosely associated charters, "made up of motorcycle enthusiasts who have joined to ride motorcycles together, organize social events, fundraisers, parties and motorcycle rallies." " (CNN)

      Still going on with that *we're just fun-luvin' guys* thing, heh...

    2. I will be very surprised if a judge in the US goes along with that BS.....and I expect the government's response should be something along the lines of how just co-incidentally the majority of them have criminal which case we could probably say:

      "Made up of criminals who are also Harley-Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts, have declared themselves to be outlaws and have joined to ride motorcycles together, organize social events, fundraisers, parties and motorcycle rallies, and conspire towards further criminal activity including theft, rape, drug dealing, and murder".

      There, fixed it for them. It's a much more accurate statement now.

    3. Heh, you can join up now with those skills...They don't have 'em...

  4. O< I took a quick look at the video of the press conference. The Thompson "Submachinegun" may or may not be full auto, but if it is it is an illegally converted semi-auto only "carbine", as evidenced by the 16" barrel on it, a real Thomson SMG has a 10" barrel, 12.5" total length if it has the Cutts Compensator mounted. This one has that feature, but the barrel is noticeably longer than it should be if it was an original full auto gun.

    The fact that it's a Thompson is interesting. It's not like their isn't more modern, compact stuff available. I'm led to speculate that someone likes the fact of it's connection to the gangsters of the 1920's and 30's. Bottom line, only range testing by the forensics folks will establish if this gun is really an illegal full auto conversion or just a legally configured semi-auto rifle chambered for a pistol caliber. (.45 ACP)

    Even if the weapon was legal, the possession of it by whomever it was seized from may not be. The magazine would be legal if blocked to 5 rounds as required by law, but would be an extra criminal charge if it had been modified to hold the original 30 round capacity.

    Whereas the Thompson may be less than it seems, the Glock pistol is more than it seems.

    The factory barrel has been replaced with an aftermarket stainless steel barrel threaded for a sound suppressor, commonly (and incorrectly) referred to as a silencer. This can be seen by the blued finish thread protector at the muzzle of the gun. As no suppressor seems to be in evidence, the police might wish to do a follow up search for that item.....

    1. Yeah, I have been shooting all my life, and your Thompson comments are interesting.

      Did you know that the *Cutts Compensator* idea never did work, and so the US Army didn't use it. I think you're right, that they only used the basis design elements for their fondly remembered past. No suppressor would work, on full, or on *burst* auto., no...?

      When folks look at this newer-type, P90, burst-fire weapon, it hardly looks like a *normal* firearm anymore, eh..? So they went with their fake-o *Thompson*...

    2. You are correct in that the Cutts Compensator's value/effect was minimal, and the degree of intricate machining led it to be dropped (among other features) from the more simplified M1 and M1A1 versions produced during the war.

      To be fair, it is not that the idea of a compensator does not work, but the concept was in it's infancy, this was pretty much the initial "proof of concept" and as with any initial application it gets improved as knowledge is gained. The effect of a Cutts came nowhere near to having any reasonable effect over a weapon that initially had a rate of fire of 800-950 rpm, knocking that down to 500-600 was found to be a much easier way of solving the problem with the not inconsequential benefit of ammunition conservation.

      Sound suppressors/silencers work just fine on full auto weapons if they are correctly designed for them. The suppressor I am referring to here would be for the Glock pistol in evidence.

    3. "...suppressors/silencers work just fine on full auto weapons if they are correctly designed for them."

      Well, I'm not so sure; which *full-autos* were you thinking of? You know, that most modern military rifles are burst-fire now, US M4, H&K 417, P90, SCAR. Some have a full-auto. select-fire variant. Many don't; the ammunition wastage is just too much.

      Anyway, suppressors must deal with the combustion gases. How would that be possible @ full auto.? Too much gas at one time. Surely this would over-load the system. I don't know of any military who would really expect to more or less silently fire full auto.

    4. Not to put a full length primer on suppressors up here on the blog, think of a suppressor as a car muffler with a hole through the middle to allow projectile passage. It really is that simple. Ability to deal with a given level of gases is a function of internal volume (tube size) and baffle stack design.

      There is a LOT of info on this out there, pics as well, Google is your friend.

    5. I am by no means a ballistic expert. I do agree with Freddy in that a fully automatic weapon with a silencer is not common in the military. Unless of course it’s a secret operation for Eric Prince. Nevertheless, we have seen a fully automatic weapon with a silencer here in Vancouver more than once. There was a Mac 11 pulled out of the Fraser River with a long silencer on it. Police claim it was used in local shootings. Later on a similar weapon was discovered by police.

      The uzi or Mac 11 is incredibly fast but has absolutely crap accuracy because of the short barrel. I though adding a long silencer was kind of ingenious because it would lengthen the barrel and improve the accuracy. However, a gun friend of mine says not so. The suppressor doesn’t act like an extended barrel. So it’s just very fast and quiet but still not very accurate.

      Which leads me to ask you gun guys, the automatic weapon the police seized in the BC HA raid, what was it? A Thompson? That round magazine looked like a Tommy gun from the 1920’s.

    6. :SIGH: He never said that.

      What he said was things like "most modern military rifles are burst-fire now" and "I don't know of any military who would really expect to more or less silently fire full auto".

      Even though he didn't say it, suppressed weapons are not "common" in the military. No one issues a suppressor to a truck driver along with his M4 carbine. (safe/semi/3 round burst) They DO issue it to SOME actual combat troops for use on THEIR M4, or M4A1 (safe/semi/auto). Some guns have "burst", others don't. Some allow the choice of both. (4 position selector, safe/semi/3 round burst/auto) H&K even offers a 2 round burst setting on some trigger packs.

      I'm sure in the Canadian Forces only folks like JTF2 have any suppressors, but they are much more common in the US MIL. The Mk12 & Mk18 sniper rifles are standard issued with them, as well as the Mk23 pistol. The USMC and various SOF folks have "Sure Fire" (yeah, the flashlight people) 5.56 cans that are mounted on and rated for full auto fire on a belt fed M249 SAW.

      The MAC 10/11 family are excellent examples of guns purpose built for full auto suppressed fire. The UZI is actually not very fast at all, around 5-600 rpm vs the MAC family at 1200+. Within conceptual limitations/design, accuracy is dependent on the skill level of the user. SMG's accurate? Not really. So what? That's not really their purpose. They are accurate enough for what that is That said, full auto fire from the shoulder is basically a waste of ammo, not because hits aren't obtained but in the amount of ammo expended to achieve them, and the modern assault rifle is most often, if not almost always, used with the selector set to 'semi'. Only hits count, missing quickly and running the mag dry without solving the problem is of no value.

      "The UZI or MAC 11 is incredibly fast but has absolutely crap accuracy because of the short barrel". Would that be intrinsic accuracy or practical accuracy? Lots of difference between the two. Again, practical accuracy is dependent of user skill level.

      The question he had was in doubting the efficiency of suppressors on weapons firing full auto. He used the phrase "more or less silently fire full auto". And that's exactly it, more, or less. And we're going to leave it at that.

      Listen, I've been studying this stuff for decades. I own a half dozen silencers, the guns they go on, and a lot more besides. (Legally, as we are allowed to in the US dependent on state of residence) You guys are telling me what you "think", or what a gun friend of yours says. Please stop. Just ask your questions, OK?

      I am not going to go into the technical aspects of suppressors at any depth because too many of the wrong people read this blog. They don't need to know this stuff, I prefer they remain at a low level of knowledge/understanding of such things. Anyone willing to take the time/trouble can learn about this stuff (in the academic sense anyway) but I don't need to make it any easier than it is by posting the benefits of my experience here.

      As far as your last question, did you even read my initial post? Because the question is answered in detail.

      You just couldn't leave Erik Prince out of it could you, LOL.. K, 'you so funny'......

    7. I didn't realize the Uzi and the Mac 10/11 were so different in shots per minute. I thought they were pretty similar. Yeah, he said "I don't know of any military who would really expect to more or less silently fire full auto". I guess he didn't say they weren't capable of it. My bad. Sorry, couldn't help the dig at Eric the not so fresh Prince of Bel Air. I was just surprised to see the old Tommy gun still in use. If it works, great. I just haven't seen them around. Other than in Mad child's latest dumb video. I wonder if he used the HAs Tommy gun for that video?

    8. To emphasize, the Thompson in evidence is not an "original", actual full auto SMG. The 16" barrel marks it as having been originally produced as a semi-auto "carbine". Rifles produced in the US must have a minimum barrel length of 16", that's why it has this barrel on it. It fires from closed bolt, meaning a round is chambered and the bolt forward before the trigger is pulled. These were sold legally in Canada before almost everything that "looks scary" was placed on the prohibited list by an Order in Council in the early 1990's.

      Original "Tommy Guns" fire from an open bolt, meaning the bolt is held open to the rear preparatory to firing and it flies forward when the trigger is pulled, stripping a round from the magazine and firing it when it's chambered. This is one of the reasons SMG's are not really that accurate, a pound and a half of steel flying forward when you pull the trigger is not a recipe for that.

      Can this gun be converted to fire full auto from a closed bolt? Yes. Whether that in fact was done to it remains to be seen, a combination of test firing and examination of the internal components of the trigger group will reveal that. However you will probably have to read the actual court transcripts of the trial, if there is one, and if the weapons charges are fully pursued in court to know this. If the gun is actually full auto or not, it is still a prohibited weapon in Canada, as is a full auto SMG, so for the purpose of a charge it makes no difference.

      The RCMP will not fall all over themselves to get the word out "Hey, it really wasn't a machine gun, it wouldn't fire full auto" if that was the case. It would be nice if the RCMP didn't finger fuck that gun when they found it and were able to pull some latent's off it. If one of said fingerprints turned out to be mad child's, he can go down for a count of possession of a prohibited weapon as well.

  5. Not to hijack the thread, but here are Canada's most wanted fugitive murderer's.

    Is there anything about this group just jumps right out at you? If you're like me, the first thing you think is, that guy's not Canadian. Yeah, I know, I'm a racist...... :rolleyes:

    You can not like it all you want, but it is what it is.

    1. Why on earth would you play the race card when the biggest criminal organization in the country is full of white men? Giles is white. How many murders was that club involved with that he was privy too? In Montreal we have the Hells Angels, the Italian Mafia and the Irish Mob. They’re all white. Now we find that the Hells angels have been implicated in the recent drug related murders in Montreal’s African and Caribbean community. It is what it is. When you see all the drug related murders in Canada, Chris Tucker was right. Follow the rich white man.

    2. K, I don't disagree with any of that. I just find it remarkable that 8 out of 10 of these guys are black and neither of the other 2 are white. I'm sure there are plenty of white fugitive murder suspects as well. Where's "Wolfie"? ;)

      I just have a problem with all this "hyphenated Canadian" shit. They're not. Forget the racial aspects, the US has that too. The difference is assimilation or lack thereof.

      "We should insist that if the immigrant who comes here does in good faith become an American and assimilates himself to us he shall be treated on an exact equality with every one else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed or birth-place or origin. But this is predicated upon the man's becoming in very fact an American and nothing but an American. If he tries to keep segregated with men of his own origin and separated from the rest of America, then he isn't doing his part as an American. There can be no divided allegiance here. . . We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language, for we intend to see that the crucible turns our people out as Americans, of American nationality, and not as dwellers in a polyglot boarding-house; and we have room for but one soul loyalty, and that is loyalty to the American people."

      Theodore Roosevelt, 1907

    3. As a consequence of Montcalm's generosity, Canada is of course stuck with 2 languages, but there is little to be done about that, "barn door" etc., my point being that Canada would do well to make sure that people who immigrate are A)suitable by national and cultural background, with shared social belief to easy rather than difficult assimilation and B)are encouraged in every way possible to leave the BS of wherever they came from behind them and adopt Canadian ways and outlooks if they are sincere about a new and better life for they and theirs. Inviting people who's beliefs, ideals, and customs clash with Canadian ones is a recipe for disaster, they will NOT assimilate, and will even demand that their hosts accommodate THEM rather than the reverse.

      There are more than enough people in England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, and the various countries of Western and Northern Europe who would gladly immigrate to Canada. I suggest to you that they would much more easily adapt (indeed very little if any would be necessary) as they already share a common value system we might label "Western Civilization".

      Contrast that with the idiocy of inviting people who could not get their shit together over centuries of never bothering to try in other lands.

      Here's something else to consider. Who immigrates? Lets just suppose that this would be the best/brightest of any given country, the most ambitious, the ones with the most drive, vision, etc.. (I know it seems a stretch sometimes, but let's just assume that for a moment) Ask yourself this. Are these not exactly the kind of people who are a catalyst for change? Of course they are, they can't stand things the way they are, and they want an improvement. What are we actually doing by allowing those people the escape valve of immigration? I put it to you that in part at least we are removing those who would be the impetus for change in whatever third world shit hole they come from. Ever wondered why these places don't change? I believe immigration is at least part of the reason. We may be doing the individual a favor, but it's at our own expense, and that of their country of origin.

      Who do you really want, someone who can be up and running very soon after they get boots on the ground, or someone who is going to huddle in an enclave of their own and take 10 years to learn the language? IF they ever do. Let's wait 20 years for their kids to grow up. There's nothing racist about this stuff, it's just common sense/observable reality.

      But it does fly in the face of "we are the world" and all that soft headed socialist claptrap. I'll certainly give you that it does that. Which is why people who believe in that stuff are so eager to demonize what would other wise be, and once was considered to be patently obvious common sense. I'm not playing the race card, I'm playing the culture card. The fact that there's overlap between the two, a Venn diagram if you will, is unfortunate, but it's reality.

    4. You’re right. I think we should send Giles back to Wales. Unfortunately Wales is too good for him. I just really have a hard time with racial profiling. It’s a step in the wrong direction. I spent about a year all together in Brixton, Harlem and south Seattle. Globally caucasians are the minority. We need to get used to that. I heard a white guy from South Africa who obviously supported Apartheid complain about the murder rate in South Africa. Yes it is very high and needs to be addressed but don’t use that to rationalize Apartheid. If you don’t like black people then stay the fuck out of their country. I really have a problem with these white guys coming here from South Africa with all this arrogant racism. We have no place for that in Canada. I guess it’s just the Irish in me. I don’t like foreign occupation.

    5. Teddy Roosevelt's quote is pretty much where I'm at with this. I don't like shitheads of any background. If that seems to be a higher percentage in some groups so be it, but that does not put me at odds with the non-shitheads of that group. To the contrary, we value the non-shitheads all the more. That said, you can only go so far before simple numbers will change the character the the country and the culture, and I am not in favor of that.

  6. Do we have any updates on this situation????

    1. As far as I know Giles hasn't made bail and the case is still winding it's way through the courts. I'll have to check.


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