Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Surrey RCMP's Smoke and Mirrors

Well Linda Hepner's spin doctors are at it again. Another press release claiming the Surrey RCMP are making an attempt to crack down on gun violence by disrupting the drug trade - Not. They've arrested a couple more people in a dial a dope operation but still haven't touched the crack dealers selling crack outside the Front Room who are brutalizing the homeless daily.

Bill dancing naked in front of coworkers Fordy said "We are committed to tackling this crime and the resulting violence through disruption of the drug organizations." Liar. You did f*ck all when Dianne Watts was mayor and are still doing f*ck all now. The residents behind Green Timbers pub kept complaining about an after hours illegal booze can run by guess who while Bill Fordy and the City of Surrey REFUSED to do anything about it. The local residents were outraged. They said what are you going to do, wait until someone gets killed. That's exactly what they did.

In Newton the BUSINESSES were complaining about crack dealers selling crack outside their BUSINESSES while Bill Fordy and the City of Surrey refused to do anything about it exactly like how they are refusing to arrest the crack dealers outside the Front Room right now. This is not a new problem. The residents have been publically complaining about it since 2008. Are Bruce Ralston and Mike Farnworth the only politicians who care about this problem? Bill Fordy and Linda Hepner obviously don't. Fraser MacRae was a Rock Star. Bill Fordy doesn't have a clue.

Crime stats related to the sale of crack in Surrey:

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  1. FOR several years, they have PR'D this to DEATH OF RCMP!
    RCMP have no CONVENIENT power over SLUM SURREY GANG ACTIVITY - but just the opposite!
    They are more about PROTECTING IT, just as they do in SOUTH-EAST SECTOR - which includes the drug tonnage crossing south of OSOYOOS BC!!!


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