Sunday, May 8, 2016

Gatekeepers patching over to the Hells Angels in Nova Scotia

Rumor has it that a few Gatekeepers in Nova Scotia are patching over to become Hells Angels today. Dave "Hammer" MacDonald from the London Ontario Hells Angels is suposed to be in town for the event. Most of the Gatekeepers are just low level wannabes. Perhaps some of the presidents will get patches. It will be interesting to see how the hammer falls so to speak. It will also be interesting to see if the government steps in to seize their clubhouse (again).

The London Free Press reported that "The Gate Keepers in London trace their origins to longtime London biker David (Hammer) MacDonald. He controlled a group called the H-Crew Motorcycle Club and in 2013, had those members patch over to the Gate Keepers, according to testimony at a liquor licence hearing involving a Hells Angels member." H-Crew stood for Hammer Crew. He must be a fan of MC Hammer. David MacDonald left the Outlaws as its president in 2001 and patched over to the Hells Angels. L&R sold out to the highest bidder.


  1. Well, that is their SOP, hold out the promise of an HA patch in front of guys who would never make the 'cut', then cherry pick just enough guys (5) to set up a charter, maybe allowing others to Prospect, then run the rest of them off.

  2. Even after getting a "patch" (full) members are on probation for a year.

    If they did patch this group over, it would be as Prospects (or even "hangarounds").

    It will be listed on here ( what exactly is happening. As you can see, the number of charters listed is quite overwhelming to law enforcement agencies - and this is just how the HA like it - so broad and wide and extensive the law cannot keep up and investigate effectively.

  3. why would these guys want to keep gates? when you want some you can always go to an antique auction and buy more.

    oh, its like they are the entrance to something special? gee I just saw the picture and they aren't anything special and who would want to join them?

    This loosening of standards in today's society seems to have even effected the H.A. It seems the world is going to hell in a hand basket even amongst the criminal clubs. What is the world coming to.

    The H.A. is going to regret this action sooner than later.


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