Monday, May 23, 2016

Rental housing disappears in Metro Vancouver

Numerous media outlets are reporting that Low-cost rental housing disappears across Metro Vancouver. This is the first factor in the tent city crime plague. Housing is a genuine concern. Adding drug addition to that makes it untreatable. Global is News is confirming a Vancouver Province report that the high cost of housng is causing young families to leave Vancouver.

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  1. Greater Vancouver is no longer somewhere the average Canadian can live. We can all thank Christy, photo op queen and Stevie, the closeted P.M.

    Things will only get worse as the B.C. Lieberals refuse to do much of anything to ensure B.C. homes remain affordable. What is happening is working well for developers and real estate agents. wonder how many of them attended Christy's $20K a head "soirees"?

    Vaughan Palmer's weekend column quotes De Jong as blaming municipal processes for taking so long to approve new development. De Jong might want to have a look in the mirror. Why would municipalities anger voters who live there now, so foreigners can purchase new homes and either leave them empty or rent them at high prices?

    All the provincial government has to do is pass a few laws which restrict who can buy, where, and what can be left empty and what can't. Will they do it? Of course not. Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia have all implemented rules regarding foreign ownership and India has always had it. its one of the reasons they aren't interested in a lot of trade deals. Their land is for citizens only.

    Christy and her b.c. lieberals aren't even smart enough to increase the transfer tax on foreign owners. They weren't smart enough to plug the loop hole which permitted foreign owners to pay no transfer tax by buying the company. (the assets/buildings just came with it).

    As foreigners purchase Greater Vancouver housing and leave it empty small businesses in many areas will simply disappear and along with them the jobs they provide.

    If Canada does not protect its land, we may find we are living in a country where we do not own it. Remember China has 35 million, Millionaires. that is only 1 million less than our whole population.

    Chinese interests purchased 60% of the Bentall Centre. They can't even figure out who those interests all are--Vancouver Sun.

    When developers build high rises and market them in Asia, it doesn't do us any good. We wipe out our own housing stock and have nothing to replace it with. Transit is not good enough to move masses of people from the Fraser Valley to Greater Vancouver to work. Just the lack of cars using the Golden Ears and Port Mann bridges tells us people simply can't afford the extra expenses of commuting to work.

    And when it comes to crime, well B.C. does do a lot of business with snc Lavalin, that company which is banned in so many other places or has been found guilty of crimes in other places. In B.C. they just keep rolling along.

    when it comes to social and economic crime, I'd suggest the "criminals" as we define them have nothing on the 1%ers who are running things.


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