Thursday, May 5, 2016

Catherine Gallagher settles RCMP lawsuit

CBC is reporting that Catherine Gallagher has settled her sexual harasment suit against the RCMP. Finally. I said that was one they should settle. The details of the settlement cannot be revealed under the terms of the agreement. No kidding. Inside the RCMP’s biggest crisis.

Unfortunately, with the insane promotion of that flaming idiot Bill Fordy it is clear that Craig Callen has not changed and never will. He needs to be replaced. Beware of the FOCCers - "Friends" of Craig Callen. If you're a friend of Craig Callen, then you're no friend of mine.


  1. This non-disclosure stuff is BS. The taxpayer has a right to know how much their crooked cops cost them.

    1. Yes but that is the incentive of settling out of court. If they cut a deal, they get a gag order. He all know they are idiots. We really don't need to know all the gory details. We just need to know those clowns are being weeded out through attrition not being promoted to assistant commissioner.

  2. The important thing is Ms. Gallagher got a settlement which will enable her to get on with her life. If it has to be a "sealed" settlement so be it. Given what she went through there really isn't enough money to compensate her. I can only hope she received several million for what she went through.

    The higher the settlements, the better. Eventually the politcians will deal with the RCMP issues.


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