Sunday, December 16, 2012

Woman assaulted in Whalley over a drug debt

More details have emerged about the brutal assault in Whalley. The Surrey Leader is reporting that the witness who discovered the body found her chained to a tree moaning, trying with a weak voice to call for help. Her underwear was pulled down around her ankles, and she drooped from a tree, her arms chained to a big limb and her knees touching the muddy ground.

Some people in North Surrey are saying that in addition to being beaten, the woman was sexually assaulted and had one of her eyes scratched out over a drug debt. Over a drug debt. Where have we heard that before? Edmonton and Lloydminster? Who was responsible for that one?

Who controls the drug trade in Surrey after Eric Sandberg promised “they” were ready to eliminate all the competition in Surrey. A sex trade worker in Maple ridge was brutally raped by someone who claimed her husband had a drug debt to the Hells Angels. This is why we don’t turn a blind eye and let the Hells Angels get a monopoly on the drug trade. Torturing addicts for debts is not acceptable. That blood money is not worth it and we should not be laundering it in our casinos or on Wall Street.

Surrey RCMP claim they didn't find the woman bound to a tree when they responded to a call at 12:40 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 2. They are saying she was a victim of a serious assault and suffered life-threatening injuries, including broken bones. As of Monday December 10th, the woman remained in hospital in critical condition, clinging to life.

Several people in Whalley are angered that police didn't release a warning to the public immediately following the discovery of the beaten woman. It was only after calls from The Leader days later that police released some scant details publicly. Smith isn't surprised. "This is the dead zone," he said as he walked north of 104 toward 108 Avenue. "They don't tell you when bad stuff goes on up here." The Vancouver Province expressed a similar concern in a front page article in their paper. Although they did write about it on December 5th. Perhaps the December 5th article was a tip not a press release from the police.

Torturing addicts for drug debts is a huge concern. Handing out free needles or crack pipes does not prevent addicts from being tortured. It just feeds the drug dealers greed. We need another solution. In this MSN video one local claims the first thing we have to do is get rid of all the drug dealers in that area and he is right. When we create no go areas that are tolerant of drug sales in hopes to contain it, we contribute to these kinds of outrageous assaults.

Rattan Mall has some interesting insight on the matter. He claims the Delta Police are more transparent than the Surrey RCMP when it comes to reporting crime statistics to the public. He asks if news is being deliberately suppressed to give Surrey a good image. Rattan even quotes the Balcony Rapist decision in Ontario. He recounts that in 2002, the Surrey RCMP were reportedly pressured to stop reporting every shooting incident as it was giving the city and then-mayor Doug McCallum a bad name. That tradition is now being continued under the new administration and has expanded to other districts.

It is time to turn the clock back and go back to reporting all serious crime to the public and stop surprising crime statistics. We keep hearing how safe Surrey is and we keep asking who’s smoking what. Over all Surrey is safe, yes but this dead zone in Whalley they refer to is just as bad as the DTES. Over all crime has dropped but in that area violent crime has increased and most of it doesn’t even get reported. Laundering that drug money in a new Mega Casino in Surrey is wrong.


  1. I know the Lutheran Church lady interviewed in the MSN clip, and the gentleman outside the Church. I note you don't quote this lady; as saying clearly that no one cares about her free-lunch congregation. I went to some Sunday services there.

    She knows those people; and that area, and she's right, and you're wrong, when you blame those criticizing the Surrey Police. I note that you've expanded your coverage of this incident, after saying that no one should criticize the RCMP.

  2. I'm not saying no one should criticize the police. I was just trying to figure out what the Province was on about with their front page article claiming the police were covering up the story when they quoted the police answering questions about the assault in their small December 5th article. It does sound like they reported the assault initially from a tip not from a police press release. I'm just trying to balance things out a bit saying we can't blame the police for everything. God knows they do screw up on occasion.

    I missed the part about the Lutheran Church Lady in the interview. I totally agree that people feel no ones cares about the drug addicted and the homeless in that area just like the victims buried on the Pickton farm. This is wrong. They are human beings and we have a moral duty to protect them from that kind of violence. We also have a moral duty not to fund or promote the drug dealers who are committing that kind of violence against them.

  3. these are sick people that do this to other human beings , human beings that they have poisoned none the less , you would think police had learned from the pickton farm , and here it is again out in the open none the less , wheres capitol punishment ?

  4. I totally agree that anyone who does this to another human being is sick. Indeed these are addicts they have poisoned and profited from. Done in the open is an understatement. The woman was found noon on a sunday. It does bring back haunting memories of the Pickton farm. Tragic that public inquiry wasn't public it was highly censored. It makes me wonder who the other suspects were the judge referred to.

  5. Freddy: I do want to emphasize that people, including yourself, are totally free to criticize the police. One of the concerns of the Pickton case was that the police didn’t take the disappearances as seriously because of the missing woman’s status as drug addicted prostitutes. There is no doubt those feelings did exist. To what extent would depend on the individual officer involved. Likewise with this case and the violent crime in this area. It needs to be addressed not ignored.

    In another thread you expressed a concern about the police calling off the search for a woman’s body in the Thompson River too soon. I haven’t been involved in search and rescue so I’m not sure what the normal protocol is. I would think that if divers didn’t find the body within four days they would have assumed the body was swept down stream.

    Yet the Thompson is a fast moving river filled with rocks and eddies. It’s highly unlikely a body would float all the way downstream to the ocean. Perhaps the person who made the call wasn’t as experienced as one would have hoped. You have every right to express a concern about the police giving up on the search too soon. I just didn’t think that was nearly as bad as some of the many other things they have been caught doing as of late.

    Again my point isn’t that people can’t criticize the police. Far from it. My point is that people shouldn’t blame the police for everything. Take that tragic case in Maple ridge when a cop responding to a call about possible shots fired and didn’t even get out of his car to investigate or knock on the door. That was negligent. Perhaps they should have sent more than one person to investigate a shots fired call.

    The fact that one of the shooting victims was still alive and laid there three days unable to more and died at the hospital when finally discovered was a heart wrenching tragedy. The officer made a huge life alternating mistake. Yet the cop didn’t shoot the victim. All the rage that we feel should be directed at the person who shot the woman, not the cop who made a mistake.

  6. You are right, and just criticizing the Police, while ignoring other problems with society, is wrong. But whatever criteria they used for the search was invalid; because within 24 hours, the body was located by others. Not a week later, or by some incredible good fortune, 24 hours is too close a window of time to say the search should not have been continued.

    I am sufficiently senior in Forest Service field Operations to be called for when a search just as this one is called for. We looked for a mentally-ill girl, w/helo., me, RCMP dog guy, his mutt...I would never give up, because I never give up. That is exactly how simple it is.

    We found her eventually.

  7. Hey agent k long time reader of your great blog. Reformed drug dealer myself from Nanaimo. What do you think of David Gilles spending xmas behind bars??? no more fancy eaterys, no more bike rides, no more frolliking on his boat. :)

  8. Greatings. Although I don't normally wish misfortune on anyone, I'm pretty happy with Giles' bust. That guy has created so much misery from drug addiction and so many backstabbing dirty deals that it's about time he got his due. I went to one of his appearances in Vancouver court. He just made a video appearance but it was the first time I saw him in real life. That guy is butt ugly. Not only that his demeaned has changed significantly. Instead of laughing and joking while his fall guys are in prison his sunken eyes and slight frown made him look like a hobo clown. When I think about all those murders the East Vancouver chapter has paid for, I am forced to wonder what his role was in making those decisions.

  9. Well i think we both know that gyrator has about as much clout as Ricky C and Johnny Bryce. I think thats why the EE spilt into 2 chapters because one chapter wasnt big enough for dave and john.
    Thats awsome im glad you take the high ride even with these guys but dave is a guy who just needed to be put in jail, and i think your reports on him were funny, and very well written. Who is the dude with the gray beard and shades that is always with dave? is he in the club. Dosnt that make you angry how he can smile and have a good time when we both know what he has done. You dont stay a top hells angel for 30 years because you are not ruthless.
    Im glad he looked horrible in jail he deserved it.
    Also dave was close to mom boucher when he was in montreal.

  10. You mean Dobby from Harry Potter? The guy that looks like Willie Nelson? That would be Willie Dobbins from Wiltech Developments in Kelowna. He's the one Aaron Derbyshire worked for before he went missing. I'll have to do a tribute to the dumb house crew spending Christmas in prison this year.


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