Saturday, December 15, 2012

Interview with Vice Magazine in Edmonton

Vice Magazine in Edmonton just ran an article about the Gangstersout Blog. They were interested in the recent news about the Whiteboyz Posse and the allegations of them being involved in three murders including the decapitation of one victim over a drug debt. There’s a lot of good and evil out there so there is. And then there’s Tom Jones from the Twilight Zone just to get you thinking about both. To understand the future, you have to go back in time.


  1. (RCMP) "Houghton isn’t overly concerned with the blog (GangstersOut) or impressed either. “This is another form of reporting or journalism in our social media age. We would, as we would with anything gang related news, caution people against what they say and what their opinions are and rushing to judgement.” He reminds me that even repeating defamation can lead to litigation."

    "Isn't impressed"...? He should be impressed. AK. has done more for keeping the public apprised of Gang news coverage, than the RCMP, or anyone in BC but Kim Bolan, who has the resources of a huge newspaper chain to back her every move. AK. should get an award.

    And even she doesn't do the whole *back story*, which is often found here.

  2. Kim is definitely the local gang expert and she's not anonymous. The police have to be noncommittal towards my site because they don't want to come across as condoning the crazy stuff I post or accept liability when I'm wrong. However, his statement that there's nothing on there that he doesn't already know speaks volumes. The whole point of the site has been if these shooting victims are known to the police they should be known to the public. If someone gives me a tip and the police are already aware of it, then what I'm posting is true and it does inform the public.

  3. i have been reading your articles for the last 3 or 4 years ,having been near and not by choice ,to some of these low lifes , i have no doubt that what is written is the truth ,politicians hate the truth !

  4. That's a long time. Thanks for the feedback.


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