Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Montreal Mayhem before Christmas

I’ve fallen behind in the gang violence over Christmas. So much for a December ceasefire. Freddy posted a few links in the other forum that are discouraging. Friday December 21st two men were shot in the head, at a strip-mall café in north Montreal. The next day the police claimed the victims had no ties to organized crime yet sources told CTV Montreal the victims were foot soldiers for the De Vito clan.

So what’s with that? A masked gunman shoots two guys in the head in north Montreal. How can that not be related to organized crime? December 17th Giuseppe Fetta was shot in north Montreal. Emilio Cordileone was shot dead December 8th. These guys have no respect for public safety or for a seasonal cease fire. They just don’t care. That’s what greed does to people. This morning there was another shooting in the HoMa bar in Montreal.

These are the same kind of guys that would shoot someone on Christmas eve then tell the shooter to kill his co accused just because. Just because they are untrustworthy and betray everyone they meet for the almighty dollar. They're all a bunch of skidmarks crying out to be flushed down the toilet of justice. Astounding they're driven by the Ontario Village Idiots.

On a lighter note, at least 45 centimetres of snow fell on Montreal on Thursday, breaking a record on Thursday that had stood since 1969.


  1. Guess who's counting on Greg Wooley now; I remember the posts AK made of him...;

    "(Vito) Rizzuto, likely marked for death amid a three-year purge of his family and Mob associates, will need all the help he can get from the likes of street-gang kingpin Gregory Wooley, sources say."

    "... former Hells soldier Wooley, who served time with Rizzuto just before the don was deported to the U.S. in 2004."

    "Wooley is a protege of jailed biker boss Maurice "Mom" Boucher and is one of the few Hells Angels of African descent." (TorSun)

    1. Yeah I saw an article a while ago quoting a local "gang expert" who said they thought Vito might try and hook up with Wooley. Personally I think that's pretty absurd and just another example how a paper will quote anyone and call them a gang expert. I'm no expert and I can see through that one. Wooley is still with the Hells Angels. That's why he tried to get the BoBars and everyone else on side. That's why they shot the leader of the BoBars - because he didn't want to work for the Hells Angels.

  2. "...a strip-mall café in north Montreal"

    It was in Sainte Leonard area. That's the mafia's home since forever... it was astounding & incredible to read the ridiculous Police claim...

  3. Is Gregory Wooley a real "Kingpin" as oft described...?

    Which street-gang is he the head of? I never knew he was so important. Is it le bleus, or les rouges...? Or are those old appellations? He's not Bo-Gar.

  4. BoBars is a subsidiary of the Bloods - wearing the colour red. Boucher made Wooley a member of the Rockers and let him oversee the Syndicate who supplied all the Crips in Montreal with cocaine. Crips would wear blue. Normally enemies of the Boods. Tupac was a blood, Snoop Dog was a crip. This is an African American gang that started in LA. White kids from the suburbs who wear a blue or red flag in their back pocket are hillbillies who have no ideas what they're talking about.

  5. So Wooley's street-gang is called "The Syndicate", thanks for bothering to reply, Agent K.

    Vito R. needs, and can get, serious street thugs from Wooley...

  6. Gregory Wooley is no ordinary gangster.He come from a family of Tonton Macoutes.For those who don't it was a vicious secret police/paramilitary group during the Duvalier regime.Basically they were what the Gestapo was to Nazi Germany.Now why is the relevant?One of Wooley family members(his father or uncle i don't know to be honest)was a top Macoute assassin for the regime.When the regime fell in 1986,most Macoutes fled for overseas destination in this particular case(Wooley) Miami and Montreal.Some chose to fled in fear of reprisals others in search of greener pastures since they were out of work.By that time a Colombian drug pipeline was already established in the island with the help of rogue elements within the Haitian Army(which was disbanded in 1991)and the Macoutes.Wooley relative settle in a section in Miami called Little Haiti.His role there was extortion and drug trafficking in large scale on behalf of Haitian drug sydicates on the island.He is considered one of the pioneers of the Haiti-Miami pipe line.Now how Gregory fit in this?He has the connection that his relative had(he died in the early 2000's did i metion that this relative never saw a day in jail?)In fact it is a little know secret that he also was suppling the HA's in coke thanks to his connection in Miami and Haiti and DR.In fact another notorious montreal based gangster by the name of Ducharme Joseph once robbed him for a few kilos that was destined for the HA along with an acomplice who fled to Haiti.To demonstrate his power he had that man killed in Haiti with Duchame had to sought protection from the mob or else he would have suffered the same fate.One of the main reason Gregory his held in high regard in the Montreal underworld is Mainly for his connections in both Miami and Haiti in additon to Quebec and surrounding areas.


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