Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hells Angels members pleaded guilty to extortion and assault

Two members of the Hells Angels in Hamilton, James (Bubba) Sherwood, 42, and Joel Rollin, 29 plead guilty to extortion and assault yesterday. A statement of agreed facts claims the pair went to a Greenhill Avenue residence on Aug. 8, 2011, around 6:30 p.m. and entered through an unlocked door.

The pair, one of them wearing a gold and diamond necklace with the biker gang’s name spelled out, was hired to force two former owners of an east-end bar to transfer a liquor licence in a sale dispute, court heard. Once inside, Sherwood confronted one victim and punched him in the neck. He then demanded the two former owners sign a document to settle the sale of their bar and punched one of them in the face, said Leitch.

“In the house were three young people, one still a child,” Leitch added. Once the document was signed and before leaving, Sherwood told one victim he was being taxed $5,000 for mentioning the Hells Angels and had a week to pay or they’d be back to take his car. Bubba received a three year sentence. Joel will b sentenced on January 29.

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