Friday, December 21, 2012

More guns from Fast and Furious

We have an update on Operation Fast and Furious that ties in with the December series on Gary Webb. Prime Time Crime reported on a LA Times article about more Operation Fast and Furious guns found after a drug cartel shoot out in Mexico that killed five on November 24 2012.

The Toronto Sun is reporting that Federal authorities were probing how a gun bought by George Gillett, a former top U.S. federal agent in Phoenix ended up at the scene of a fatal shootout that killed a beauty queen in Mexico.

Even Fox news asks the same question. The answer is simple. It was part of Operation Fast and Furious where government agencies were selling the Mexican cartel guns and bringing back tons of cocaine as payment. Bringing back tons of cocaine implies that they sold them a lot more than three guns.

Earlier this month ATF’s William McMahon was fired in the wake of the Fast and Furious investigation. McMahon’s lawyer said “Mr. McMahon was unfortunately the victim of a politically charged football match over an operation that was officially sanctioned.“ This goes right up to Obama and his own Oliver North, Eric Holder. Who I might add worked with Bill Clinton during the Mena Arkansas Arms Dealing Drug Trafficking scandal.

Last year ATF Director Kenneth Melson resigned as Obama retaliated against whistleblowers. My question is this, if Obama is going to pursue his gun control bill in the United States, will his government agencies stop selling arms to the Mexican drug cartels? Please advise. Arming criminals and disarming civilians is not gun control.


  1. K, you and I disagree on things sometimes :q but you are correct on this one, one of these guys needs to be impeached and the other to go to prison for a very long time. They both have blood on their hands from this and other dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

    A very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. When Romney asked Obama about Fast and Furious in the presidential debates and Obama just looked at him and smiled exercising his executive privilege, I thought that was one of the most offensive things I had ever seen. The murder of two US border guards and bringing in more than a ton of cocaine into the US and possibly Canada was nothing to smile about. There is no way any one of us would have let George Bush get away with that. Nixon gets confronted with Watergate and he just smiles and claims executive privilege. No other president in history would be able to get away with that.

    As for Christmas, may you and yours have a happy and peaceful one. Surely someone somewhere will embrace the idea of a December truce to violence.

  3. Merry Christmas Agent K
    & thanks for all your hard work to bring us your blog
    A Fan

  4. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you. Let's hope it's a peaceful one. Cheers.

  5. You really dont know what your talking about.
    The Gov't was allowing the sale of guns to American citizens they knew where "Straw Purchasing" for the cartels- they weren't actually selling them.
    It may seem like a small point but it's not- and is a good example of the lazy, yet sensationalist reporting that is all over this site.

  6. Actually, that is false. They weren't straw purchases and the US border agent that was killed wasn't killed with a piece of straw he was killed with a real gun sold by the ATF. Guns went in and they weren't traced. So many guns went in, tons of cocaine came back as payment for those guns.

  7. K, Sonny is correct about how this was occurring.

    FFL (Federal Firearms License) holders, ie. gunshops, were told, and often pressured if they declined, to allow people they had reason to believe were buying on behalf of others to conclude the sale. These are referred to as "straw purchases".

    FFL licensee's are often targeted by ATF using a sting operation to bring charges against the licensee, so you can see how some of them were reluctant to do this same thing when instructed to do so by those same ATF agents. The people doing the buying were often pulled in by ATF and questioned, but then inexplicably let go, when you would have expected them to be charged. A wide variety of people were doing this stuff, you featured a Chief of Police and a couple of other cops a while back on this website who were involved in this among other things.

    To be clear, ALL these guns were purchased by someone at retail establishments and then taken south. There may have been a few that were private purchases, (remember that there were dozens of people doing the "obtaining" part of this) but "buy and large" (pun intended) these were purchases from dealers.

    There were crossed wires here and there, left hand vs. right hand and all that. A dealer in the southwest with whom I am personally acquainted sold a number of semi-auto AK's to the same guy over a period of a few weeks. All those AK's were discovered stashed in a pickup truck about to cross into Mexico and the driver arrested.
    Initially the dealer was investigated for this but within a very short time that went away when it came out that not only had he filed the required ATF "Report of Multiple Firearms purchase" forms on these transactions, he had telephone contact with ATF where he reported this guy and was told to proceed with the sales.

    Another gun store at which I once worked regularly forwarded to ATF camera footage of people buying guns who did not fit the usual profile. When a middle aged Hispanic woman and her son come in looking for Barrett .50 and FN P90 mags (seriously? LOL) and wind up paying cash for a $3500 Colt Government Model engraved Mexican style in .38 Super, which is a very popular caliber down south and not at all up north, it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to know what's up.

    If you own a gun store, ATF holds your livelihood, your business, and the financial future of your family and employee's in the palm of their hand via your FFL. Without it you are out of business. Small wonder many Licensee's proceeded with what they had every reason to believe was a suspicious sale when instructed to by the same agency that exercises regulatory authority over them. We are talking about an agency that in the last 30 years is responsible for the deaths of dozens of citizens, the needless imprisonment on false or manufactured evidence of others, etc. etc.. You don't generally fuck with people like that.

    Some dealer's said "No" and paid the price for it. If you do the research you will find the cases I'm talking about fairly easily.

  8. By definition, a straw purchase is any purchase wherein an agent acquires a good or service for someone who is unable or unwilling to purchase the good or service himself. It is a mute point. He claims the government was selling to American citizens who they knew were selling to the Mexican cartel. The government was knowingly selling the guns to the cartel and used a shell company or in this case individuals to hide the transaction. It doesn’t change the fact of what really happened.

    A real gun killed a US border agent. Over 2,000 guns that we know of went south of the border to the Mexican cartel. This wasn’t a sting operation. It was clear corruption and the lies and denial will not hide it.

    The disinformation spin doctors are worse then the communists who they pretend to oppose. At least Stalin and Hitler said we are your enemy. They faced us on the battlefield and tried to destroy us. I rather these disinformation cowards shoot me with a gun. What they are doing is much worse because they are pretending to be an ally when they are not.

    They claim the end justifies the means when it does not. They claim they oppose communism when they do not. First they help the 1% highjack Communism just like Lenin did. Then they sell our nation out and force us over the cliff into Corporate Communism while they fill their own pockets in the process. This kind of disinformation is really offensive. It’s not just a matter of the gloves are off resulting in a fist fight. It’s a matter of taking up arms and going to war because we are on opposite sides of the battle field. That is what this is.

    Gary Webb was right. The CIA were responsible for the US crack epidemic in the /80’s. George Bush SR. got the agency addicted to drug trafficking in Vietnam. Bo Gritz witnessed that. The Clintons were involved in the agency’s cocaine trafficking out of Mena Arkansas. Operation Fast and Furious was a repeat of Operation Wide Receiver. These enemies from within need to be dealt with. Supporting disinformation isn’t just unpatriotic. It is an active attempt to destroy the constitution which we are sworn to uphold. It’s a bayonet in the back from someone pretending to be on our side, when they clearly are not.

    I am not going to argue disinformation for one simple reason. I don’t have to. Operation Fast and Furious was real. Guns went south, drugs came back. The agency was involved. Those are the facts. Jay Dobyns is a patriot. The disinformation cowards are not:


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