Sunday, December 9, 2012

Did Jay Hall OD?

Strange things are happening in Prince George, again. Oddly enough, after the Renegades, one of the Hells Angels puppet clubs in Prince George beat that gang rape rap in their clubhouse with the GTS, people started jumping ship. November 22 someone tells me the group folded and everyone has their bikes up for sale. They sent me s link to Jay Hall’s 2007 softail up for sale which has now been taken down.

Now all of a sudden someone claims Jay Hall overdosed on December 7th and is brain dead. Has anyone heard word on what’s going on with the Renegades in Prince George and whether or not Jay Hall had OD’d? the timing is highly suspicious. Chad Karylchuk‏ died of a drug overdose January of 2011. Since he dealt drugs, people in Kelowna find his death suspicious and claim he was murdered. Makes ya wonder about Jay’s OD. Keep me posted.

Prince George has had a long history of violence tied to the Hells Angels. For years the police have been telling us that no one can sell drugs without the Hells Angels permission. Then Kim Bolan found a GTS member striking for the Renegades which is a known puppet club for the Hells Angels. That meant the GTS, the Independent Soldiers, the Renegades and the Crew were all selling drugs in Prince George for the Hells Angels. That meant the Hells Angels were ultimately responsible for the drug addicts that were found chained in crack shack basements being tortured for drug debts.

Historically, the Hells angels murdered Bill Moore from the Renegades because he unknowingly sponsored someone who turned out to be a police informant. They shot him in his truck and burned down his house. Joey Arrance became a target of the Hells Angels in Prince George. Someone burned down his girlfriend’s home when he was arrested. His girlfriend’s mother who was wheelchair bound died in that fire. These guys are as low as they go. Who's next?


  1. unfortunately this is just a rumor and jay is still alive

  2. Thanks for the feedback. They didn't say he died, just that he OD'd but they did say he had brain injuries from the OD. Any idea why they're all selling their bikes?


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