Monday, December 3, 2012

Ontario Judge returns to the dark ages

One step forward, three steps back. We finally have our first Ontario judge enter the judges hall of shame: Judge Maureen Forestell. She doesn’t just make the hall of shame, she ranks in the top two for treason right beside Peter Leask. This nutbar just returned the Toronto Hells Angels intimidation gear. That is a criminal act. She is sitting on the wrong side of the bench.

Ontario of all places. Selling drugs is all the Hells Angels do there. Even in this case they were found guilty of trafficking cocaine and date rape drug. This isn’t even a joke. It is a conscious act of treason. This is why judges should be elected in Canada like in the United States and is why they need to be accountable to the public. Right now, they commit treason and they aren’t even charged. That is revolting.


  1. For the Ontario Superior Court Justices it's all about the money the legal system can wrangle from these criminals before they will even consider making a decision against them as criminal organizations. This ruling is something from the dark ages and probably belongs back there. The intimidation will continue against the people of Ontario and the rest of Canada by this bunch of wing nuts and other organized crime groups, as long as we do not change this system of political appointments to the bench. Canadians deserve better then this mickey mouse justice system that takes money to keep high profile criminals from behind bars for as long as they have the money and the means to keep the courts tied up for years at a time. The election of judges ,crown prosecutors, police commissioners will put Canadians in charge of these corrupt officials who interfere with the just course of the legal system instead of this wheeling and dealing of the courts.

  2. This is the same judge Maureen forestall that declared a conflict in my court case because of a free one hour consultation with john stout, a huge firm she had worked for. She threw my case out, causing my lawyer to send me a bill for $52,000 for NOTHING!


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