Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Business wants Mega Casino’s blood money

Front page of today’s Vancouver Province was an article about how businesses are supporting the mega casino proposal for Surrey despite local opposition. Lets’ get first things first. This isn’t just a casino and this isn’t just another casino. It is a Walmart of casinos that will suck the life out of all the other existing casinos and businesses in the area.

Not only that but it will be a haven for organized crime. BC casinos are where the drug gangs launder their blood money that fuels public executions and the torture and dismemberment of addicts for drug debts. Sadly Diane Watts already accepted $24,500 in blood money from the Gateway casino’s conflicted developer making her role a complete conflict of interest.

One blog reader was quite interested in a link I posted to an article about money laundering by Catherine Austin Fitts. Despite the false belief that our current market would collapse without all the money laundering from drug sales, Catherin Austin Fitts describes it as the tapeworm economy. It’s an artificial economy that lives off the host just like a parasite. After people spend all their money at the casino, they aren’t going out for a night on the town to stimulate the local economy.

The key question is about the casino‘s claim that it will pump $3-million in gaming revenue into city coffers every year. Aside from being blood money that fuels the gang war, how is that possible? Gateway Casino just went through a $1.5 billion debt restructuring. How does a company that owns 9 successful casinos in BC and Alberta get $1.5 billion in debt? How did that happen? Who stole that money and never gave it back? If we are going to claim the mega casino will give City Hall $3 million in taxes every year, we need to find out where that $1.5 billion went. If I’m going to invest in a company that just lost $1.5 billion, I’m going to have to get an answer to that question first.

The problem with investing in companies that launder drug money is that drug dealers are dishonest. If they will shoot a rival drug dealer or torture an addict for a debt, they will rip you off as they launder their drug money faster than you can say BCCI. This new mega casino isn’t just blood money, it’s bad business.


  1. "Huberman said she hasn’t seen stats from a social impact study concerning the South Surrey casino proposal, but she believes, “there is no evidence of crime being elevated, as a result of a casino.” " (Las Vegas in the '60's, the skim, is she from Mars?)

    "She noted that after slot machines were added at Fraser Downs in Surrey’s Cloverdale area, expectations that prostitution, violence, and financial crime would follow, “have not transpired.”" (Province)

    Well, I don't know about that last part; or if its *success* at keeping out crime is real, cooked, or what...

    Or, if such momentary good fortune could be transferable to a Mega-Casino...

    Such deals often reek of cash envelopes given to civic-minded Politicians...

  2. Great article, I need to read the rest when I have a moment.

    That said, one of things you realize when you read this kind of stuff is that the people who are involved in it are basically untouchable. You can't really use the system against them, they ARE the system. All the hue and cry in the world hardly ever results in any of them being called to account, and if things get too hot a sacrifice is made while the rest continue on and the masses are distracted.

    Where's the Committee for Aesthetic Deletion when you need them?

  3. TR, great post fer sure.

    AK doesn't know it; but he's lucky to have two such high-quality commenters as you & I :)

  4. Everyone has value. Getting heckled and told repeatedly that I’m stupid and am not allowed to talk about certain things gets irritating. I am still going to follow up on the Gary Webb story and you’re not going to like where it leads but it needs to be said. The CIA are a criminal organization just as much as the Hells Angels. We can’t solve the problem until we face it first.

  5. Surrey has too many of these places;

    "8 OD deaths in private drug recovery homes: probe."

    "At least eight people have died of drug overdoses while trying to get clean in private drug recovery houses in the past three years compared to just one in comparable public beds, according to a CTV News investigation."

    "Critics say the deaths are a sad consequence of a system that has little government oversight and offers no punishments for people running houses that may be taking advantage of their vulnerable customers."

    “I just shake my head,” said Sherry Mumford, the director of clinical operations for the Fraser Health Authority. “How is it we get away with treating people with addictions the way we do?” (CTV)

    They are run-down, bug-infested rental homes, where wannabe bikers shout at and terrorize their clients. They take their whole welfare/Disability cheque; and provide nothing, but a little Kraft Dinner. It's been happening forever in Surrey, does much more harm than good and the places must be licensed.

    Everyone in those type of *recovery* houses are on drugs, including the *owners*...

  6. 8 OD deaths in private drug recovery homes is very significant and something that needs to be followed up on. I’ve heard of some cases where recovery homes were scams but it seems to be a real problem that needs to be addressed.

    However, I showed you other documented cases where other secret service agents denied Kennedy gave them orders to pull back and I have already pointed out how that argument distracts from the obvious in that Allan Dulles and the CIA were the prime suspects in his murder. So it isn’t just too bad. I’m not going to approve argumentative bullshit because as I have said, I don’t have time to argue about obscure facts that are not only false but also distract the discussion form the real issue that needs to be addressed. They called Gary Webb a conspiracy nut and he was far from it. He was right. That was just a cheap argument from someone implicated in Iran Contra that got a pardon for their criminal involvement from George HW.

  7. Agent K December 8, 2012 8:54 AM

    Well, if you won't even believe primary sourced accounts of what JFK actually said, I will venture no farther than;

    "We Know the hypnotized NEVER Lie."

    Pete Townshend, The Who.

  8. Primary source being hearsay from one agent whom said Kennedy said that which contradicted what other agents said Kennedy said. I'm not going to argue about it. Kennedy was shot dead. Allan Dulles and the CIA are the prime suspects in Kennedy's murder. Examining the corruption in the CIA is important for all of us.

  9. Quite frankly I've never completely discounted the idea that the hit was revenge for pulling off the air support for the Bay of Pigs invasion. A lot of CIA paramilitary types, American and Cuban both were either killed in action or captured and executed later. Words like "betrayal" would be pretty much appropriate for what happened. It's not something you do half-assed, send the guys ashore but then hang them out to dry. Not the first nor the last time, look what Bush did to the Kurds post the first Gulf War.....

    My point being that if a lot of my friends got killed because someone changed their mind at the last minute, I would have ample motivation to use my professional abilities to set up a hit on that person.

  10. Then why didn't they shoot President Johnston for recalling the air support for the USS Liberty? That was betrayal. As I recall, Allan Dulles are fired because of the Bay of Pigs fiasco. I have never heard it said that is was Kennedy's fault. It was a CIA operation. They were in charge of it. I don't recall hearing anyone say anyone withdrew air support at the last minute.

    1,400 paramilitaries, divided into five infantry battalions and one paratrooper battalion, had assembled in Guatemala before setting out for Cuba by boat on April 13. On April 15, eight CIA-supplied B-26 bombers attacked Cuban air fields before returning to the U.S and on the night of April 16, the main invasion landed at a beach named Playa Girón in the Bay of Pigs. Initially overwhelming a local revolutionary militia, the Cuban Army's counter-offensive was then led by Captain José Ramón Fernández, before Castro decided to take personal control of the operation. On April 20, the invaders finally surrendered, with the majority of troops being publicly interrogated and then sent back to the U.S.

    One account claims some blamed Kennedy for not giving enough support but it was a CIA operation and it had a lot of support. They got their ass kicked nonetheless and that embarrassed the Kennedy Administration. That's why Allan Dulles was fired. He blew it, not Kennedy. Others blamed Kennedy for agreeing to the CIA operation in the first place. If however, is was revenge for the Bay of Pigs fiasco and some idiot blamed Kennedy, again that would implicate the CIA in his murder.


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