Saturday, December 29, 2012

Prison guard charged with drug trafficking

Paul Fleming, a local prison guard from Kent in Agassiz has been charged with drug trafficking in prison. This again sheds light on the ongoing problem. Peter Adiwal was caught trafficking cocaine in a Maple Ridge prison. We saw people throwing drugs over the prison fence in a Manitoba prison and an employee was caught bringing drugs into Stony Mountain where Deli and the Crackhead Crew are staying.


  1. As someone who worked Corrections a long time ago, I can tell you this is nothing new. The majority of contraband, drugs or otherwise, is brought in by staff.

  2. One of our oddest problems, is the ability for anyone, with minimal ID, to put huge amounts of money into individual prisoners' accounts. There seems to be no rational limit to the amounts allowed to be deposited. This greatly strengthens the hand of organized gangs, who are completely taking over our jails & prisons.

    The other worry is these corrupt Corrections officials. The gangs analyze and then target those officers who may be in debt, or otherwise vulnerable...The situation is probably far worse than we hear about...

  3. i have had the displeasure of living near prison guards , trust me i dont know who's worse , though not all guards are bad , its just strange how some of them and their family members follow a criminal lifestyle complete with very obvious ex con friends - tatts dont lie . i can tell you there is a definite link from the outside thru prison guards into the prison of both drugs and information -these people have integrated within many families over the years leaving no lack of willing participants .


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