Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hells Angel deported

Well this is good news. Another Hells Angels member is to be deported as the refugee board declares the Hells Angels a criminal organization. Alejandro Mariano Chung, 43, a citizen of Chile who came to Canada in 1979 but never obtained Canadian citizenship, is the latest man tied to the Hells Angels to be deported because the Hells Angels have been deemed a criminal organization. Does this mean we can send David Giles back to Wales?

The Refugee Board has ruled that the Hells Angels are a criminal organization and that the business of the Hells Angels is crime, which is absolutely true. Almost all of the members of the Manitoba chapter have criminal records, mostly convictions for drug trafficking, their primary criminal activity, police said. In Ontario, 67.2% of Hells Angels members had a criminal conviction, 43% drug-related, police said.

Not long after becoming a hang-around, Mr. Chung was one of only two people inside the Winnipeg clubhouse on July 29, 2010, when authorities arrived to seize it under the Criminal Property Forfeiture Act. This brings us back to Maureen Forestell’s act of treason in Ontario. Criminal organization legislation still exists. No corrupt judge can change that. Seizing the proceeds of crime are still the proceeds of crime.

The decision on the logo was in my opinion a bad decision but a separate issue. In the US the police tried to seize the Mongols logo but that was overturned. Seizing the proceeds of crime is still fair game. I’m not a big fan of giving the government power to seize assets for any reasons. Yet in this case where the Hells Angels are clearly a criminal organization whose drug trafficking network is holding the country hostage with violence, I think we definitely need to follow through and seize their assets.

Three other non-Canadian members of the gang have been detained and removed from Canada because of their ties. Mitchell Vaughan, a member of the Hells Angels Nomads chapter from Melbourne, Australia, was detained in Victoria, B.C. and, on Sept. 30, 2011, was deported to his homeland.

In 2010, Mark Staples, treasurer of the Downtown Toronto Chapter of the gang, who came to Canada from Scotland in 1969 when he was seven years old but never became a Canadian, was stopped at Vancouver airport when returning from Japan. He was travelling on a British passport and deported to the U.K. in 2010.

Deporting them is a good step but it’s not going to solve the problem because most of the bad apples are from here. Yet it will limit their ability to travel to other countries to promote their international drug trafficking network.

Adam Hall was sent back to the United States in 2007 when he was deemed inadmissible to Canada despite having a Canadian mother. A member of the Hells Angels in Massachusetts, he currently faces charges of killing three men, one of whom was scheduled to testify against him in another trial.

In Massachusetts the Hells Angels have been convicted of trafficking crystal meth, a highly toxic and addictive drug made with drano. Adam Hall and his motley crew of misfits are facing many charges including the murder of the witness who was going to testify again Hall in a cocaine trafficking case. Adam Hall has also been accused of being involved with forced prostitution. Deporting these idiots for criminal activity and belonging to a criminal organization is a step forward.


  1. Absolutely correct, deportation for all organized crime group, non-Canadian members. Actually, this would slam the 'Ndrangheta in the GTA better than maybe anything else. These made men, most of them, are just here illegally. As Antonio Nicaso, (our greatest mafia expert), says, the mafia don't recognize citizenship, they only recognize opportunity. His incisive comments are on the Montreal Forum.

    Antonio Nicaso:

    1. Applying it to members of Ndrangheta in Toronto would be helpful indeed.

  2. AK: "I’m not a big fan of giving the government power to seize assets for any reasons."

    Yes. This has caused every sort of turmoil, in the US. Court system, as there are widespread allegations of prosecution for the assets. Crazily, in the USA, they give the assets, (cash, Porsches, Ferraris) directly to the local Police Office. They must change this; and give only to a National Office of Asset Seizure. The local Police are becoming utterly corrupted by this...Police Chiefs & detectives driving around in Lamborghinis...

    1. I'm OK with seizing Hells Angel clubhouses. That's a good place to start. It's a symbolic gesture of taking away their defiance of law and order. It won't stop them but it does something as opposed to nothing which is our moral obligation in the fight against evil. Their criminal organization has brought a huge amount of evil into our society.

  3. AK: "I'm OK with seizing Hells Angel clubhouses."

    Yeah, but there are huge justice issues with asset seizure, depending on how it's done; it can be a way for the local Police to set out to quite deliberately en-rich themselves. Guys like their toys; and the Police just love ridin' on all the Sea- and Ski-Doos, stacks of cash, Porsches, and expensive bikes they seize...Next the Chiefs of the RCMP will move into the seized mansions...

  4. True, that's why I think clubhouses are safe. It's not a real money maker or joy ride for the police, it just helps clean up society.


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