Monday, December 3, 2012

Maple Batalia's boyfriend charged in her murder

Gurjinder "Gary" Dhaliwal, 20, and 22-year-old Gursimar Singh Bedi were arrested Friday in connection with the 2011 murder of Maple Batalia. The men were held in custody over the weekend and they are scheduled to appear in Surrey Provincial Court on Monday.

British Columbia RCMP laid charges more than a year after 19-year-old Batalia was gunned down at a campus parking lot in Surrey. Dhaliwal, who friends have identified as Batalia's ex-boyfriend, is charged with first-degree murder, while Bedi is charged with manslaughter using a firearm and accessory after the fact.


  1. I don't know the facts, so this is just pure speculation. I believe that, if Maple Battalia had NOT been such a very beautiful young woman, this would never have happened.

    A man can become insanely infatuated over such a lady; and refuses to let any other man have her as a girlfriend. It's so very sad, that it may have been her own sterling qualities that got her killed...

  2. What got her killed was having a psychotic boyfriend. It's his fault. It's his responsibility. There is a huge amount of domestic violence out there and none of it is acceptable for any reason. Any man who kills his ex is a psychopath. Tragically there was that recent case of a football player who killed himself after killing his girlfriend. That is really messed up.


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