Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Scourge of Brutality and Corruption

Macleans magazine recently highlighted the problems Montreal is having with organized crime. How it encompasses the construction trade and politicians including city hall. Interesting to note that the latest wave of organized crime isn't coming from the French or the English in Quebec it's coming from the Italians.

Italy is even more famous for mafia and organized crime than Chicago. Recently authorities in Italy released screen clips from a surveillance video of a public mafia execution in broad daylight.

Take a look at the guy. He's a fairly big guy with a pork belly. His victim is a much smaller and older man. Given the size and age difference it would have been dishonourable for him to beat the old man up. Yet even worse he shot him. Once in the chest and he fell to his knees clutching his chest. Then again in the back of the head as he was laying face down on the ground. That was cheap, dirty, brutal.

This morning the Italian Police with the help of the military arrested two mafia crime bosses - Pasquale and Carmine Russo. It's hard to believe these were major crime bosses. They were in hiding for 17 years. Ya see them hide their face from the media like rats? That's as pathetic as paper Mario in Montreal. Mom Boucher was hard core. He'd look you in the eye and smile before a firing squads. These other pathetic slobs are rats.,6e79cb45-7836-4d8f-96b2-6ee6426eccf2,7e2363dd-9e22-4310-bdbe-5b1fab8423f0

Bernardo Provenzano was arrested in 2006. Maybe it was a different clan but Bernardo was more like Mom Boucher. He was hard core. He murdered anti mafia judges. He's the guy they made the movie the Godfather about. Yet even he had been on the run for more than half his life. He was arrested at the age of 73.

We've talked about how gangs are like swarming. It is cheap and cowardly for a group of guys to gang up on an individual. Pulling out a gun and shooting an old man is just plain cheap. Especially when it's done by a fat ass slob.

Recently we saw the gory photos of two young Canadians who were buying drugs for the Hells Angels in Puerto Vallarta brutally shot up and murdered lying in pools of blood. It was horrible. It's kind of like bringing a knife to a gun fight. Chivalry is gone. It's not about strength or martial arts ability any more. Now it's all about who can be the most brutal and ruthless. Who has the least morals.

You pull a knife, I pull a gun. You pull a gun, I pull out a machine gun. You pull out a machine gun, I shoot you in the back or in your sleep. These felons then somehow ask for respect. How absurd. They will be feared but they will not be respected. The more brutal they become the less respect they find.

Do people respect Clifford Olson? Do they respect Robert Picton? I think not. Surely these thugs must realize that. Everyone has moral standards. Some are a lot lower than others but even in prison there is a standard of what is acceptable and what is not. We hear that child molesters are looked down upon in prison and are likely to get shanked.

Not long ago the Aryan Nations prison gang turned on the Hell Angels because they felt killing (Margo Compton's) young children violated their standards. As a result they broke their silence and ratted Otis Garret out. Ratting out a rat isn't being a rat. If the Aryan Nation prison gang can do it, so can we.

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