Monday, November 16, 2009

The Hells Angels come to Canada

Although the Hells Angels have been around for quite a while they have only been in Canada a short time. In that short time they have risen up to become the post powerful criminal organization in the country.

The Hells Angels didn't come to Vancouver until 1983. So the old farts haven't always been members of the Hells Angels. That was when the Gypsy Wheelers in White Rock and Satan's Angels patched over. Later than same year Toronto mob boss Paul Volpe was murdered. Since then all the other MC clubs have either patched over or gone to war with the Hells Angels.

Interesting to note that although Toronto mobster Peter Scarcella started off as a driver for Toronto Mafia Boss Paul Volpe, the National Post claims Scarcella was the last known person to see him before he was shot in the back and found in the trunk of a car. The speculation has risen that since Volpe was shot in the back, he was shot by someone he knew.

Interesting to note that this same Scarella who has aligned himself with Teflon Don in Montreal was with Toronto Hells Angel Paris Christoforou when they tried to kill Mike Modica at a cafe but paralyzed a mother instead.
In 1987 Maurice Boucher joined the Hells Angels in Montreal after serving a 40 month sentence for armed sexual assault. He rose up in the ranks quickly and became president of the Nomads. The Rockers sold drugs for him while in that capacity. The Rock Machine fought against him for control of the drug trade in Quebec.

The Hells Angels in Canada have nothing to do with riding motorcycles. Now it's all about selling drugs.

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  1. Boucher founded the Nomads, along with Walter Stadnick, and Normand Hamel.


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