Thursday, October 1, 2009

Will Michael Ignatieff Please shut up

Torries survive Iggy's what about me non confidence motion with backing from the NDP. Jack Layton said he thought it would be irresponsible to call another election when they could get a billion dollars in the hands of tens of thousands of families through EI reform within the next couple of weeks.

In contrast Michael Ignatieff said the unemployed feel totally abandoned by the government and asked "How do I explain to these people that I keep letting this government go on..." Shut the fuck up. You don't give a rat's ass about the unemployed. How do you explain to them that you shafted them out of immediate EI reforms that would put money in their pocket by putting yourself first and calling another stupid election when we just had two.

This guy should clearly get the Idiot of the year award. Harper needs to be nicer to the NDP and work with them on Bill C-15. Take the amendment on Pot and move the motion forward. The NDP need to walk the walk and support the bill with the amendment:



  2. Indeed. Wouldn’t want the Hells Angels to be named a criminal organization in the criminal code now would we.


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