Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bob and Doug McKenzie get shot up in Mehico

Gordon Kendall and Jeffry Ivans, two B.C. kids involved in the drug trade got shot up in Mexico. I'm not going to mock their death. On the contrary, I want you to take a look at these two kids. They don't look like gangsters. They look like Bob and Doug McKenzie. Two fun loving Canadians from the Okanagan who like to party. http://www.canada.com/news/killed+Mexico+were+involved+drug+trade+police+confirm/2041210/story.html

They could be your kids. They could be your friends. They are a reminder of the dangers of gangs and the drug trade. Can't you just see these two with a beer in their hand saying "Party up dude." Living it up in Puerto Viarta. "Dude if they could see us now." Well we did and it made our hearts shrink.

A newspaper from Mexico posted some very disturbing pictures of the dead bodies after they were shot up. The first thought that came to mind was that it was tasteless to do so. Yet there's something about watching a death on TV or reading about it in the paper that distances us and disassociates us from the event. Seeing the photos brings it up close and personal.

I was surprised how much blood there was. I thought they were shot not cut up. Yet when people get shot they bleed. Something we only see glimpses of in the movies. Then seeing Gord lying there shot up covered in blood with his eyes open brought it home and made me feel to close his eyes and cover the body with a white sheet. It made me think of the movie Shake Hands with the Devil where the Peacekeeper struggling to protect innocent lives amid a senseless genocide is overcome when the road is covered with dead bodies - men women and children, slaughtered.

Instead of driving over the dead bodies he gets out of his vehicle and starts pulling them off the road and lining the bodies side by side in grave positions. It was a small act of dignity in a senseless sea of violence.

Now if this was Jarrod or Jonathan Bacon or one of the Hells Angels profiting from this drug war, then I would be much less compassionate. It's just seeing their picture drove home to me the fact that this could be our kids, our friends, this could be us. The temptation the money the drug trade brings is real. For me driving around in a Hummer or an Escalade isn't a temptation. I hate those cars. Yet when we see the price of land and the limited wages honest work brings one can see how real the temptation is.

It reminds me of the crack epidemic that swept New York and LA in the /80's. The Crips and the Bloods were networking up the coast all the way to Seattle. A 12 year old kid could go to school and face a life time of working for minimum wage or he could sell crack, wear gold chains and drive around in limo's. The temptation was real but likewise the consequences were often fatal.

Some argue that increasing jail terms will not solve the problem because if these guy's aren't deterred by death, they won't be deterred by jail time. Although there is some merit to that argument we still need to reform our judicial system. House arrest for trafficking cocaine for the Hells Angels is wrong. We are enablers and have thereby become accomplices to these murders.

Let's remember the horrific reality of their death and let us remember that the puppet master is still exploiting these kids and getting off scott free. We need to reform the judicial system and we need to rat out the real rats who profit from this kind of exploitation. Report Hells Angels to Crime Stoppers: 1 800 222 - 8477 (TIPS)


  1. Those pictures were haunting, I know the Jeff guy and to see him on the ground contorted laying in a pool of his own blood with his brains hanging out is pretty fucking disgusting, and it show's how crime pays, with your life.

    Also, he probably contributed to bringing drugs into Canada, and helped with making thousands of drug addicts more miserable, but I don't think he was a killer, nor do I think he deserved to die, just a guy trying to make a quick buck. So sad.

  2. Sad indeed. When money’s involved it’s hard to come to grips with how that money affects others. A lot of good people are caught in this web. They say lots of people smoke pot so what’s the big deal? The big deal is that pot is very different than crack. If they just sold pot and left the cocaine out of it, they’d make less money but would do less damage to society.

  3. I would really like to know why these young guys are killed, like specifically what did they do? especially the young guys up here in Vancouver, what did they do to deserve to die? How much money was involved, how much drugs, etc, etc. Im curious to know how cheap life is to these murderes.

  4. That is a very good question. It would seem that the Drug War so to speak is rival groups fighting over the right to sell drugs in a particular area. It’s nothing new. This crack epidemic swept the Sates in the /80’s. We always catch on to a fad a bit late. These groups have people in Mexico to buy direct so they can make more money. Rival groups would obviously oppose that.

    We hear the big fight locally is between the UN and the Bacon brothers. The two most ruthless gang related slayings likely involved the Bacon Brothers. They have been implicated in the Surrey six murder which executed the leadership in the original Red Scorpion gang who were friends and associates with the UN. That mother who was executed in Surrey with her child in the car was friends with the person who held the lease to the unit the Surrey six slaying took place in and she was also affiliated with the UN.

    The police tell us the Hells Angels have puppet clubs all over the province and that no one sells drugs in Prince George without the Hells Angels permission. It would appear that people who set out on their own and are not puppets of the Hells Angels are getting shot. However, full patch members distance themselves from the violence. Some would argue they are the ring leaders and farm out the killing to others.

  5. I feel it's probably 10-20 people in Vancouver committing all these murders, I mean there can't be that many murderous sicko's living here, can there?

  6. That would make sense. A handful of people holding the province ransom. It could also be a handful of people farming the work out so they never get caught.

  7. Ya exactly, I remember bal buttar saying something about "the elite" in a Kim Bolan interview.

    "In the mid-1990s, Johal founded a shadowy, five-member hit squad called "The Elite" that Buttar said was responsible for 25 to 30 murders."

    So it could be a few different groups like that.


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