Monday, September 21, 2009

Napoleon Dynamite joins K Town IS

Hey now, you're a rock star. This guy's gang sign is a finger and a thumb on his forehead: Here's Don McWhirter aka Blaze from Kelowna wearing an IS shirt.

Wait a minute. Take a look at the guy. He's got that really stupid bleached frohawk. That's not very gangster. But that's not all. See that stupid grin on his face? He's bragging about belonging to the Independent Soldiers and showing off his weight set in the background.

You have got to be kidding. If you're gonna show off your weights, put more than 50 pounds on the barbell. Come on. All the other IS guys are buff. That is really embarrassing. He certainly isn't the brawn of the group. Let's just say Don McWhirter is a person of interest.


  1. thats to funny. the guy the in the white is shane knox and on the right of him is his older brother mike hamersley

  2. This site is bullshit, You sit behind a computer and hide. I bet your a dirty cop or a gangster. Im going with dirty cop. I sure know alot about you. How many times have you driven home drunk? ha must have been a loser in high school sorry to see it turned you into a rat. You sit behind a computer and bash these guys for breaking the law but in turn are you not bending it yourself? I guess thats ok in your mind. Post all you want about guys who have been convicted the ones who want the media attention but your not doing anyone any favors with this site. If anything your stirring the pot with alot of men who really dont give a fuck what anyone thinks. Way to add fuel to the fire. Slander, defimation of character does that mean anything to you?? I imagine not. You violate basic human rights but you think its ok, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. You dont seem to follow legal rights but you are running your mouth, so tell me what makes you so much better. My theory is this website took alot of time, and alot of information which leads me to think about the dedication that went into this site. It spells rat or cop. which are you? my guess maybe both. But you have that better than everyone attitude im guessing cop. makes sense since that "brotherhood" is all about do as i say not as I do. I would know. Atleast these guys dont hide they literally wear a target. I have more respect for that than I do this. This website is slimmy and it goes against human rights. Everyone has rights and your taking them away. your really no better. I hope a good defense lawyer gets ahold of you and takes you to the cleaners.Someone will figure out who you are, but right now I guess you can remain a little bitch hiding behind the computer way to go hero cop. hahah just another geek from highschool. loser.

  3. I don’t sell crack and I don’t drive drunk. Publishing the names of gang members and associates isn’t a violation of human rights any more than it is with sex offenders. It’s the same thing. The public has a right to know if a gang member or associate is living next door to them so they don’t get caught in the crossfire of another gang related shooting.

    Ratting out a rat isn’t being a rat. Letting these rats exploit others is. I never said I was better than anyone. I said I don’t support selling crack and the public violence that brings to our community. I’ve never been a cop so by your definition I’m just a rat. However, by my definition you’re the rat. Supporting criminal activity while playing the victim is pathetic Rainbow Ricky.

    Interesting to note that any high school geek can get a gun and retaliate. Be nice to geeks Rainbow.

  4. that blocked out picture with the girls... could the one be brittney irving ..???

  5. I don't think so. I'll have to check. I think it was taken in Vancouver.

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