Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hunter S. Thompson and the Hells Angels

This too is very old news but it establishes a pattern. Hunter S. Thompson was a reporter who spent time with the Hells Angels and wrote a book about them called: Hells Angels The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. He too died of a suspicious suicide in 2005.

I find it interesting to note that the precursor to Hunter S. Thompson's book was a article he first published for the Nation called: The Motorcycle Gangs. Losers and Outsiders. www.thenation.com/doc/19650517/thompson

It appeared in the May 17 1965 edition of the Nation and was reposted on their web site on March 2 2005 less than two weeks after his suspicious suicide.

The article was an account of how two young girls aged 14 and 15 were kidnapped from their dates and were gang raped by a group of Hells Angels when 300 of them were in town for a gathering in Monterey, California.

I haven't read the book yet but I recently watched a Youtube video of an on camera interview of Hunter S. Thompson with a Hells Angel confronting him about his book, denying many things yet admitting many other things. www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFL_rOcmYFo

The treasurer of the Hells Angels said 60% of Hunter's book was cheap trash. He said if a Hells Angels is beating his wife and his dog bites him, that is between the three of them. Then he changes his story and says if he was beating his wife that bad someone would have stopped him.

Hunter then correctly points out that he just admitted the guy was beating his wife. Then the Treasurer states Hunter walked right up to the Hells Angel and said "Only a punk beats his wife and dog." The Hells Angels said Hunter said that. Then he sates the Hells Angel who was beating his wife said "Hunter, do you want some of this?" and Hunter said no. Makes sense to me.

Then the treasurer states Hunter got it anyways and when the Hells Angel who was beating his wife hit Hunter, several other Hells Angels hit him as well. Here we have a group of men watching a guy beat his wife and instead of doing anything to stop it, they gang up on the real man who confronts the abuse. That was cheap and that account is straight from the Hells Angels treasurer's mouth.

Then Sonny Barger admits "We let them beat him up for a bit and we told him to get out of here." Then Sonny Barger claims Hunter then went to the police and said they beat him up which was malarkey but he just admitted it was true.

Hunter was a young and zealous reporter. Did he exaggerate the beating? Perhaps but Sonny Barger admits he was beaten by several Hells Angels and he Hells Angles treasurer stated on camera the reason he was beaten. For confronting another Hells Angel who was beating his wife.

Interesting to note that feminist Susan Brownmiller criticized Hunters flippant treatment of gang rape which his book claims was a common occurrence with the Hells Angels in her book Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape. (p 246-247)

Nevertheless Hunter's conclusion was: "The horror! The horror! ... Exterminate all the brutes."


  1. Thompson was accused of raping a female reporter who came to interview him at his ranch. I wonder how many inconsistencies his story had on that occasion...

  2. Well that certainly is an interesting allegation. Do you have a name of the female reporter so the allegation can in some way be confirmed? It doesn’t change the fact that Sonny Barger and the Hells Angels treasurer at the time both went on camera to confirm Hunter Thompson was beaten by more than one Hells Angel for confronting a Hells Angels about beating his own wife.

    Nor does it change the fact that a 14 and 15 year old girl were gang raped by several Hells Angles at a gathering in Monterey back in /65. That was all over the papers and Hunter didn’t make up that story. Yet I cannot comprehend how someone could be OK with rape but against beating your wife. Both are very wrong. The whole concept of gang rape I find very disturbing.

  3. The name of the book was, "songs of the doomed." Thompson was accused of rape by Gail Palmer Statler, she was some type of sex worker. She said he assaulted her then bit her on the back (before the Marv Albert case). Eventually the charges were dropped and it was applauded by the extremist left. From what I remember they both told different stories. Thompson worked in a sex devices shop in Frisco for a while, do you know what kind of degenerates go to a sex store in Frisco (and he was the manager).

    I'm no fan of criminal enterprises or their crimes believe me. But lets not rush to canonization for dear old Dr. Gonzo just yet...

  4. Interesting. Yes, I don’t think he’s ready for canonizing. Turns out his suspicious suicide could have something to do with the Franklin cover up, a child sex scandal in Washington. The two points I extract from the story are the Hells Angles who gang raped those two young girls at a Hells Angel gathering in Monterey back in 1965. That was all over the papers at the time and he ran with them after that to write his book.

    The other fact is both Sonny Barger and the Hells Angels treasurer went on camera to admit Hunter was beaten up by several Hells Angels for confronting a Hells Angel about beating his wife. Whether Hunter was a good guy or a bad guy doesn’t change those two facts. If he was a bad guy it would explain why they let him in close to them in the first place to write his book.

  5. Exactly.

    Birds of a feather.

    Theres no disputing Thompson got beat down, but he must have felt pretty comfortable saying something. Nobody went around those cats and shot their mouths off, even back then...

    I read something about that suicide deal and it was pretty bad stuff. But, it was a boy who swore up and down doc gonzo was involved in some very uncool stuff. At the beginning of a book he wrote called "hey rube" he wrote something to the effect of, football season is the traditional time of the year for teenaged kids to disappear from around schoolyards then be traded around as Christmas gifts between a nationwide network of underground sickos. The kid who told a story of being abducted into that sick world grew up and got busted posing as a reporter at the white house. Then he tried to use his story as a get out of jail free card (it didn't work because nobody believed him). Then Thompson killed himself. I've never heard a single word about anything in Washington state.

  6. It’s unsure if Hunter was involved in the child sex scam or if he was going to expose it. Nevertheless, Washington was the root of it. Paul Bonacci claimed the child sex ring was based out of Ouffutt Air Force Base near Omahah. Recorded by senator John DeCamp and Confirmed by Rusty Nelson: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_4wyBGVxug

  7. Yes, he might have been trying to expose it. I read some stuff about that photographer. Disturbing.

    Its weird the way the two tiered justice system in America operates...

    Take it easy on the gangsters. The worst criminals wear suits and hold elected office.

  8. Agent K - The Hells Angels were completely exonerated in the rape charges in Monterey - a fact that most of the sensationalized newspapers tend to keep under wraps.

  9. That’s not exactly true. Dropping the charges out of fear is different than being found not guilty. The Sherriff saw two naked teenage girls crying and hysterical coming running out a crowd of Hells Angels who told him they had been gang raped. Often a woman who has been raped doesn’t press charges because they don’t want to be dragged through a dirty trial or hostile cross examination. Especially when it’s against organized crime figures that even judges are afraid of.

    If you say the Hells Angels were exonerated, I say bullshit. Hunter did record some bizarre explanations from some Hells Angels at the time explaining why rape charges are often dropped against them. Then there’s date rape. How about when a good looking prospect brings a girl to a Hells Angel party and three fat ass patch members want to tag team her? She may have consented to the prospect but not to the fat ass train. That’s still rape.

    Now they just sell GBH date rape drug. Makes it easier. So don’t play the victim. It’s really pathetic.


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