Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jamie Bacon: Scapegoat or criminal mastermind?

Take a look at the three bacon brothers. One's a big awkward guy and the other two are small preps. Dennis Karbovanec plead guilty to participating in the Surrey six murder and implicated Jamie Bacon and others yet Jarrod and Jonathan walk away free, again. Jamie's the younger brother. Did the preps sell out their own brother?

Jared and Jonathan have a host of weapons charges against them and have been the targets of several gang shootings wearing body armour and beefing up their leased cars against gunfire. Hardly innocent responsible citizens.

It certainly would not be surprising to hear that a court convicts Jamie Bacon for being involved in the Surrey Six murders. What is surprising is the thought that Jamie was the mastermind and brothers Jonathon and Jarred were not involved in the planning of that murder. How can the brawn be the mastermind when the brains walk away free?

Then there's the conspiracy theory. Original IS members who were anti Hells Angels have been shot or died in car accidents and replaced with Hells Angel friendly puppets. Isn't that ironic?

The photo of Larry Amero and Randy Naicker on the front page of the Vancouver Sun shows an interesting connection. A Hells Angel with a Bacon Brother Associate. Other than the two innocent lives lost, all the targets in the Surrey Six murder were Red Scorpions. Were the bacon brothers, Dennis and Jamie at least, trying to take over the leadership of that group? The old Red Scorpion leadership, the ones who were shot were friends and associates of the UN. Maybe that's why the UN doesn't like the Bacon Brothers. Where's Larry in all this and Matt the Rat?
Were they trying to make the Red Scorpions Hells Angel friendly like the new IS? A plot to muscle the UN out of Surrey and replace them with a puppet club? There's something about puppets and puppet masters that just smells bad.

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