Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Street prostitution

They say prostitution is the oldest profession so what's the problem. I tell you what the problem is, exploitation. Remember back in the day when there used to be areas of Vancouver were prostitutes were pretty? Now everywhere you go the skid row prostitute shows up needing $5 for crack.

It used to be just the prostitutes from East Van were scary, beaten and abused drug addicts. Now, that's all there is. Take Surrey for example. A Surrey crack ho is frightening. Any john who wants to have sex with that is disturbed. However, she didn't always look that way. The drugs and the std's have physically transformed her. Legalize it? I disagree. That will not stop exploitation. It will only make a difficult task impossible as the police wouldn't be able to make any arrests. The plague would continue. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=af3RjDntlhs

The real problem is the crack and crystal meth. We see prolific offenders steal to pay for the drugs and exploited woman ho for it. We need enforcement to help addicts stop committing suicide at taxpayers expense.

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