Thursday, October 22, 2009

White Rock Hells Angels now on Google Street View

The Whiterock clubhouse is on Google Street View. You have to cut and paste a search for 21764 61 Avenue Langley, B.C. to see it now. The bullies had Google's link to my site taken down. They must have found my comments offensive. Don't you hate it when bullies play the victim? Kinda makes them look pathetic:,0,15722566438680825699&ei=NdzgSoCfF4XIsQOqscHODA&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CA0QnwIwAA
This is the web page they must have found offensive:

Is that dump truck for burying bodies?

You have to spin it around because it starts off with your back to the property but you can move up and down the street. Just think of the money this will save on police surveillance. Just kidding. It doesn't refresh so it's not realtime. Yet.


  1. I don’t have the blog set up to monitor posts. People post automatically. I can delete posts but haven’t done so yet. You must have hit preview not post brain surgeon. Please tell me the real reason a dump truck is parker there. Don’t tell me in involves the Montreal mafia controlled construction industry.

  2. not everyone is a criminal because they wear the same jacket or clothing some really do have real jobs as to earn a livingt

  3. Yes that’s true but I saw Hells Angels enforcing for the crack dealers at Surrey Central. I’m really pissed off about being lied to all these years. Even your little party in Whiterock. Hells Angels were caught in Vancouver and Toronto with a huge amount of date rape drug. What the hell were you guys doing with that? I’m sure many of those guys had real jobs too. You guys lie and say you would never associate with the likes of Robert Picton but Hells Angels frequented Piggy Palace and associated with Dave Picton. All the lies are really becoming offensive.

  4. If your free to speak without fear you would post your real name. your terrified

  5. Sorry. I deleted the last post. Someone gave their real name and claimed they discovered the remains of murdered women in their yard in East Van. They claim it used to be a Hells Angels crack house. I removed the post to take their name out because I want to talk with them about it before they get shot.


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