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Battle of the Bands - Two Hells Angels compared to two Mongols

Alright, I don't support the sale of drugs but lets take a look at two famous Hells Angels and compare them with two famous Mongols. Then you will see why I prefer Mongols to Deadheads.

Sonny Barger and his pal Otis Garret. I say pal because Sonny Barger started the Oakland chapter where Otis is from and Sonny Barger attended Otis Garret's trial. Otis Garret is still honoured on Sonny Barger's Vegas web site as one of the filthy Few.

Let's take a look at Sonny Barger first. He's small, untrustworthy, vulgar and a pig. He looks like an old Sonny Bono. I do not see him as an American legend. That is bizarre. His pal Otis Garret is a deviant. Birds of a feather.

Otis is scrawny and old. I'm not sure what that is in the background but if he is pretending to me a Free Mason I have to shake my head. Otis doesn't know what the word fidelity means. He was convicted of running a prostitution ring in San Fransisco along with several other Hells Angels. The woman who testified against him ended up dead along with her twin 7 year old daughters.,4502047
Sonny Barger attended the trial. He did and does support his pal because Otis was on official business. These two are trash. They are the scum of the earth. For them 1%er means bottom of the barrel not cream of the crop.

In contrast let's take a look at DOC Ruben Cavazos and Jesse Ventura. Doc Cavazos wrote a book called Honor Few, Fear None.

He is well spoken, well groomed and well liked. He was arrested with several other Mongols not long ago in a major under cover operation which resulted in weapons charges, drug charges and the unprecedented seizure of the clubs logo.

A Mongol claimed responsibility for killing a San Fransisco Hells Angel chapter leader. Shortly after that the Feds came in and seized their logo. I find that very suspicious. Especially when San Fransisco was the hub for the CIA Contra crack cocaine distribution ring that supplied Freeway Ricky in LA during the American crack epidemic. Documented by accredited reporter Gary Webb in his book Dark Alliance who is now dead of a suspicious suicide.
San Fransisco was also where the Hells Angels brothel called the Love's Nest was located:

I was disappointed to hear about Mongol drug seizures. Nevertheless, Reben Cavazos is a far more noble character than Sonny Barger or Otis Garret. Before his arrest and the federal seizure of their logo, he ran a blog on his book's web site. Someone commented on it about Jesse Ventura at one time being a mongol and he responded by saying he still is one.

I found that interesting so I started to research him a bit. Jesse Ventura was a former Governor and professional wrestler. He went through Navy Seal training, served in Vietnam and was part of a branch of the Navy Seals. Demolition specialist I believe. I found his comments about 911 very interesting. Another reason the Feds didn't like him making the seizure of the club's logo all the more suspicious.

Jessue Ventura is educated and very well spoken. Both he and Ruben Cavazos speak highly of military service. They are respectful and walk with honour unlike the bobbsey twins Sonny Barger and Otis Garret. They are deviant trash.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. As I said I am disappointed in the Mongol drug seizures. Mostly meth I believe. It appears they used that to fund their arsenal collection in their conflicts with the Hells Angels. Kinda disappointing that the Hells Angels had to get the Po Po to take them out. That was so cheap.

The Mongols appear to be like other biker clubs big on strippers and that kind of party lifestyle. Normally that's something your supposed to grow out of when you get married and have kids. Yet the Hells Angels are way worse. It is my firm belief that notwithstanding that inclination, I do not believe you would of ever found Mongols or at least these two Mongols at Piggy's Palace or associating with the likes of Dave Picton. Nor would you ever hear them say killing a crack ho is population control. That is disgusting. Especially when the Hells Angels turned them into crack hos in the first place. I think that Doc and Jesse treat women better than the Hells Angels because they have a stronger self image.

I'm not saying we should invite Mongols here to shoot Hells Angels. Hell we have plenty of people here willing to do that. I'm just saying that Hells Angels do not represent real bikers. Most of them don't even ride. I'm saying that the Mongols were better than them and it's important to remember they had to get the Police to take out the Mongols are weren't able to do it themselves.
Ruben Cavazos and Jesse Ventura are better than Sonny Barger and Otis Garret. Much better. Seizing the Mongol's colours but not the Hells Angels colours who are guilty of far worse crimes is wrong. Very wrong.


  1. The links are there for the background on Otis Garret. Doc Cavazos made money from a book he wrote. So did Sonny Barger. If Doc was kicked out, why was he arrested with the rest of them? I still think Doc Cavazos and Jesse Ventura are way better than Otis Garret and Sonny Barger.

  2. You forgot to mention the part where the Mongols used money from the Mexican maffia to pay MS13 for protection ! Or did you not, you just left it out, huh ?
    Ow and after the Mongols got infiltrated by the police and after Cavazos got arrested, this great man you speak off turned informant on his own people, receiving money and protection for this noble act, am I correct ?

  3. I dunno G. I saw two TV shows not long ago. One when the Hells Angels were infiltrated, one when the Mongols were. It mentioned how the Mongols were very sympathetic to the under cover cop who they thought was their brother when his mother died. They were respectful of his mama so to speak. He felt the love and became ashamed of the undercover work he was doing which soon ended.

    How would the Mongols get money from the Mexican Mafia to pay MS-13 for protection? Wouldn’t the Mexican Mafia want to extort protection money from the Mongols? MS-13 isn’t very big here and I don’t think they are the biggest Latino gang in LA because they started off being from El Salvador.

    Did Cavazos turn informant after he was arrested? I don’t know but I do know the Hells Angels lie and they would try and spread false rumors about him at every opportunity. My point was and is, I doubt he would hide and support the actions of Otis Garret which Sonny Barger has. As far as the recruiting kids without motorcycles goes, that's what the Hells Angels do here to sell crack.

  4. Reading this blog is like looking at one of those mystery pictures. You see a sailboat, but someone else sees a cat. How do you figure that the Angels got the police to pull the mongol patch? The Angels are not the type to communicate with police. Other than watching them out your window, have you ever seen the Angels when they are around cops? Not a love in, I assure you. The ATF took down the Mongols. They also tried to take out the AZ Angel's, but shoddy police work made a joke of any serious charges. According to your theory, The ATF infiltrated the Mongols at the request of the Angels, got some serious RICO shit to stick, and then turned back on the Angel's and infiltrated them? Barger and Garrett may not be "better", but I assure you thier organization is smarter, more organized, and more committed to their cause then the Mongols. History will tell you the Mongols were started by a group of guys denied entry into the Angels. Research bro', you really need to improve that if you want to be taken as an authority on this stuff.

  5. The ATF took down the Mongols. True. They also tried to take out the AZ Angel's, but shoddy police work made a joke of any serious charges. True. I don’t think the ATF infiltrated the Mongols at the request of the Hells Angels. I just think them seizing the Mongols logo but not the Hells Angels logo is suspicious. In western Canada the Hells Angels are nothing but a criminal organization. They may be smarter at evading the law but that in my opinion doesn’t make them better.

    You make valid points and I most certainly don’t claim to be an authority on any of this. I’m just Joe concerned citizen who saw Hells Angels enforcing for the crack dealers in his neighborhood and got pissed. Then I found out about the Otis Garret case and started to do some math. How that affects my community is really outrageous and ties into some pretty deviant things just like in Australia. My point is that the Hells Angels are just drug dealers and pimps. I guess everyone already knew that but me because I was na├»ve enough to believe them.

    However, locally in the Vancouver gang war I most certainly wouldn’t put it passed the Hells Angels here to rat out their rivals including Clay Roueche from the UN. In eastern Canada they were involved in a gang war with the Rock Machine and once again the police were the ones that eliminated their rivals giving them free range of the drug trade.

    There was one former dirty cop working with one of their associates in Vancouver and a current cop caught and charged with a Hells Angel in Winnipeg. Even the police when starting an under cover operation in East Van were concerned that the security of the Attorney General’s office was compromised. So yes they are better criminals but better bikers living the dream? Not in my opinion. Guys like the Mongols like to fuck with the Hells Angels. Hells Angels on the other hand like to be bullies and fuck with the weak to get more money, power and control.

  6. Agent K,
    I am signing my name, so you can identify my posts. I am the one who mentioned the errors on the registry, and made the above post regarding the Mongols. I never once said they were noble, nor did you, so I guess Wyatt misunderstood. The reason the Mongols were stripped of their colors is because they were convicted on RICO charges, while the Angel's beat that rap. You can't ban a criminal organization before it is found to be one in court. I am not an idiot, I know that 1% clubs are ALL organized criminals, but if they don't have a RICO conviction, they cannot be outlawed as a criminal group. I am from Montreal bro', I grew up in the height of the war there, and both sides were guilty as could be. With all the Angel's charged now, do you really believe that the police had a hand in bringing down the RM? The Angels prefer to handle their competition in their own way, if word got back to the World Executive that they were using the police to get rid of their enemies, there would be hell to pay. Ratting to the cops does nothing to help the Angels intimidate other gangs, they would prefer to do that themselves. Look at the conspiracy case in Oshawa, where a Senior member ratted his own to the cops, 'cause he thought the guy wanted to kill him. When it came out in court that he had in fact talked to police, this guy went from senior member status to "out in bad standing" in a few short hours. He was cleared on the conspiracy charge, but is now on the run from the Angel's. In the end all he did was rat out a guy who was an informant, but the Angel's still want him dead. No doubt there are cops on the take everywhere, but they are merely pawns in the game, no true Angel would use legitamate police to further his cause. ....and the Mongols are pimps, drug dealers who also like to fuck with the weak to gain control. That is not exclusive to these two groups mind you, it is the mantra of all 1%ers, and it is evil. I could help you with this site, as I have alot of knowledge on the Montreal wars etc. Where can I get ahold of you and pass on my info outside of this public forum?

  7. Vince. I guess your right but it just bugs me. Yes they finally did make Hells Angels convictions in Montreal getting mom Boucher as well as in Ontario. Ontario case law has already determined the Hells Angels to be a criminal organization. The seizure of the Oshawa clubhouse is a step forward. However, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Hells Angels ratted out their enemies in Vancouver. If you click on my profile you can see my E-mail address.

    As for Wyatt Earp, I doubt Jesse Ventura is involved in that but if the Mongols as a whole are doing the drugs and prostitution thing then I guess you’re right they’re no better. My point is Sonny Barger is not an American hero. He’s pals with Otis Garret who ordered the murder of a mother and her twin daughters for testifying against him in a protection ring. I guess my point is that the Hells Angels are not better than the Mongols just because they are better criminals.

  8. Thanks, I hadn't heard. They haven't got the images back on their website yet but I now see the court order. Banning gang colours in bars and public is a good thing here in Vancouver. I just get suspicious when the Hells Angels seem to get away with everything.

  9. if it werent for the one percenters who fight for there rights. mainly formed groups after war times comming home an being treated like shit .they were trained to fight an they will continue to fight for there rights without them ,go back in history an see what freedom youd have........

  10. Fighting against Hitler in the war is very different than selling crack and being pimps. Take a look at history and you will see the Hells Angels have nothing to do with fighting for freedom. In fact there are growing links between Hells Angels and Neo-Nazis in Germany which is exactly what the brave solders fought against.

  11. I don't know nor have read anything about Cavazos or Otis, so I cannot comment on those two.

    But I have read several books by Barger and Ventura, and admire both of them.

    The people who did criminal actions had their share of prison time.

    Hells Angels (atleast the American ones) have never been "Nazis", and while you did occasionally see belts, tattoos or flags with the swastika on it, it was mostly just to piss people off, not to show any political orientation.

    Ventura was in the Navy, Barger in the Army. (Barger was honorably discharged when they found out he joined under-aged; later on he offered the services of the Hells Angels to the US president for the Vietnam War, but his offer was turned down).

  12. There is no proof of Ventura being a Mongol except his own word, which seems to be fabricated to add to his own legend. This story kicked around for years and was given no credence until Jesse himself starterd trotting IT out in every interview to position himself as a badass. As far as comparing one gang to the other, is there any point in that? Then again you're the guy who thinks alex caine is a super spy and his books are legit. Oh well, you may as well delete this comment like you hd e my others

    1. Actually I heard it from Doc Cavazos before he was arrested. Someone asked if Jesse Ventura was ever a Mongol and he said he still is. I assume that means he left in good standing.

  13. Odis buck Garrett is my uncle he is dead...


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