Thursday, June 23, 2011

RCMP probes G8 spending

I don't want to be cynical of everyone, much, but I find it interesting that the RCMP would make news investigating the lavish spending of the G-8 fake lake party after the Harper government has dramatically cut funding for the RCMP.

Nevertheless, it doesn't change the fact that spending a vast amount of tax dollars on the lavish G-8 exclusive party is somewhat bizare when they then turn around and dramatically cut funding for the RCMP and the gang task force. In fact, I'd go far as to say that cutting funding for the RCMP and the gang task force after campaigning on a tough on crime platform is simply fraud.

Taking police officers off the street then spending $33 million on advertising to promote the RCMP brand is absolutely bizarre. Welcome to the Harper majority. We will say we told you so because we didn't vote for him.

The RCMP probe appears to be in the President of the Treasury Board's riding Tony Clement. His riding got all the handouts. Yet Clement claims the RCMP probe is just a Liberal PR stunt. Well cutting all the funding for the RCMP wasn't a Liberal PR stunt. The Harper government did that all by themselves. Comparing those cuts on one hand with lavish spending on the other hand is called public accountability and has merit when considering future elections.

The Tories claim they have done nothing wrong but I beg to differ. Cutting funding for the gang task force and taking police officers off the street then spending that money on an exclusive party and advertising is clearly a misappropriation of funds. Didn't Jack Layton say he would spend more money on more police? Isn't it ironic that someone Harper calls a socialist would be tougher on crime than he is. That sounds more like Lyin Brian to me.

What ever happened to that RCMP probe over the $9-million contract for Parliament Hill renovation that was tied to the Hells Angels? Did that ever go anywhere or did they just promote another one of the accused to the Supreme Court?

The RCMP were probing the nature of the relationship between construction firm LM Sauvé and long-time Conservative organizer and business adviser Gilles Varin. Investigators are focusing on lobbying rules and anti-corruption laws. I'm not concerned about the insider trading about how another Conservative insider got another government contract. I'm concerned about what another conservative insider is doing involved with the Hells Angels.


  1. This is the most important law-enforcement story in BC right now:

    THE CANADIAN PRESS -- VANCOUVER - Four Mounties tasked with investigating one of British Columbia's bloodiest gang shootings are now facing criminal charges, and the mother of an innocent bystander worries the trials against those accused of killing her son will now become even more complicated.

    The charges against the officers relate to allegations that one had an inappropriate relationship with a witness while police were investigating the deaths of the six people gunned down in a highrise apartment building in Surrey in October 2007.

    The RCMP insisted Thursday that the charges against the officers won't affect the criminal case against the accused killers.

    But Eileen Mohan, whose 22-year-old son Chris was among two people simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, worries the scandal may give defence lawyers "ammunition" in court.

    "Obviously, it will raise serious questions about witness tampering, overtime being charged when it shouldn't have been. The defence lawyers... will try to make this case even more complicated," Mohan said in an interview.

    "They (the accused) cannot be let go just on a technical ground."

    Eileen Mohan:

    "I am very disappointed about the behaviours of a handful of RCMP officers who make the other officers who work very diligently, very hard look bad."

    Special prosecutor Christopher Considine approved a total of 20 charges against officers Sgt. Derek Brassington, Staff Sgt. David Attew, Cpl. Paul Johnston and Cpl. Danny Michaud. The recommendation followed an outside investigation by the Ontario Provincial Police.

    To see the seriousness of these charges is shocking for a BC'er!

    What on earth has happened to the whole institution of the RCMP; when so many senior investigators, on the most heinous crime in the fuckin' HISTORY of our Province is just run right into the ground by the RCMP!

    How could they commit all these crimes while investigating a crime? It's horrifying and just totally destroys my trust in our Policing in this Province, especially the shocking serious-ness of the charges.

    They fucked one of the key witnesses! Literally!

    Now just goddamned watch; DK or one of the Bacons walk on this, and there will be a Province-wide, complete repudiation of the whole RCMP when that happens.

  2. Globe & Mail

    "Yesterday evening, B.C. Solicitor-General Kash Heed said he was unaware of the situation until the media reports." (on criminal charges against BC RCMP)

    “I have not had a chance to be briefed on this particular matter,” Mr. Heed told reporters as he attended an unrelated event at a downtown hotel."

    "He said he expects a thorough investigation into what he called a “very disturbing and inappropriate” possibility."

    "The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team investigates murders in Lower Mainland areas policed by the RCMP, and police departments in Abbotsford, New Westminster, and Port Moody."

    So BC'ers are faced with "a very disturbing" situation; re/RCMP major crimes in the one high-profile case there have. Why is it so "very disturbing"...? Those words are as ominous as it's possible to be in our under-stated society.

    Don't forget all citizens rely on the IHIT to investigate the whole out-of-control modern gang-crime wave. They are the front-line workers, whose professionalism determines whether charges can be laid against major crime figures here.

    It's depressing beyond belief to know that this whole body is now deeply compromised. It may have to be dis-banded or completely over-hauled. Whatever happens, we can be sure that the public will be the last to know anything; after any investigation that will take, like every other Canadian investigation, a decade at least to reach *preliminary* findings.

  3. It is absolutely tragic. Just as the cop who didn’t fully investigate the shots fired call where the woman was left dying in her home for several days and died as a result. As stupid and unprofessional as these officers are, it doesn’t change the fact that the police weren’t the ones that caused either shooting. I think it’s important to remember that. Yes police screw up and in these cases made serious errors. Yet the underlining crime was caused by someone else. Gang related violence.


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