Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Witness testifies in Greeks trial

The Vancouver Province reports on a witness who recently testified at the Vernon Greeks trial in Vancouver. The level of violence is disturbing. Prosecutors say David Marnuik was beaten, tortured and then set on fire by the gang in July 2004. His body has never been found.

The witness claims Big Al said "You should see this f---ing guy. This is Internet stuff. Nine of them have been working on him for three days." This kind of violence is disturbing. I applaud the witnesses for having the courage to speak up. There is no L&R there. People don't respect that kind of violence, they fear it. There's a big difference.

The witness claims they would beat their own guys. How on earth do they think they are going to get people to love and respect them by beating their own people? If you treat your own people like garbage that is proof there is no love or respect.

We can sluff the murder off by saying he deserved it because he stole from the Hells Angels, or rather a Hells Angels affiliate group, but did he really? Isn't that excuse over used? They kill people who they claim are thieves or rats and no one gives it a second thought. Yet Geoff Meisner was not a thief and Britney Irving was not a rat. Often they lie. Usually that violence is used against rival drug dealers or people who have drug debts. In Geoff's case it could have been as simple as wanting to replace him on the Vegas money laundering run with someone who would do the same job for less money. Once they rip you off you become a liability so they do you in. No L&R there.


  1. Everyone knows that they live off fear and intimidation. The "Big Red Machine" is fueled by hardworking people that they extort and take everything that they work for. That's not the part that pisses me off the most. They then stand there on the news and try and tell everyone that they are just a bunch of bike enthusiasts. Give me a break. The only good thing is that they eat their own, just as quickly as they reward them. Take a look at the new member in Ktown, Tommy. He went from a nobody friend to a part of the club. Everyone in town knows that Tommy shot that guy downtown. Nice picture Tommy, you probably already have it framed on the wall of the clubhouse. Wonder how he got into the club. Oh well better him than me. Enjoy your new friends Tommy, I'm sure they got your back!!!

  2. skaterhockey1976: Done. No worries.

  3. What is with all the media bans on people testifying in this case? Where is the "transparency and "freedom of speech"?
    It annoys me that when a dirty cop is testifying and a dirty lawyer is going to,that even a mention of their names is forbidden?

  4. I dunno is there a publication ban? There are way too many publication bans out there. They are supposed to be temporary only during the trial. Those bans are supposed to expire. E-mail me the name. The publication ban forbids people from publishing the name not from ever talking about it in private.


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