Saturday, June 18, 2011

HST Dishonesty

The amount of money the government is spending on HST advertising is shameful. Everyone knows that adding a 10% tax to something that was not previously taxed is a tax increase. The government wouldn't be spending that much money on advertising trying to trick us into keeping the HST if it wasn't a tax increase. Yet not only are the adds clearly biased, they are also clearly dishonest.

The HST is not 10% it is 12%. They claim that some time in the future they will reduce it to 10%. Yet once it's in there is absolutely nothing stopping them from keeping it at 12% or increasing it after they dropped to 10% for a few months.

Then the adds come out with the most outrageous statement in recorded history. Paid actors saying "I have no reason to believe they won't drop it to 10% like they promised." If that is not the most absurd thing I have ever heard, I don't know what is. Just because they lied to us consistently about everything else, that doesn't mean they will keep lying to us about dropping the HST.

Harper lied about not taxing income trusts. He's already forming a long list of proven lies. Gordon Campbell lied when he was elected on the promise to oppose the MLA gold plated pension. Forget recall. We need to hold politicians criminally responsible for breach of contract when they consistently break their election promises. Letting a politician get away with lying is no different than letting an anarchist get away with setting a car on fire. They are the same thing. Both are wrong and we need to hold both parties accountable.

They lied when they said the adds wouldn't be biased. Why wouldn't they lie about dropping the HST? Regardless, the amount of tax dollars they are spending on HST advertising is a scandal, a scam and a sham. They would send out a bogus survey asking us how we want to spend the increased revenue from the HST if it wasn't increased revenue. I tell ya one place I don't want them to spend the increased revenue. On more prisons for nonviolent crime like possession of pot. Or for enforcing a non patriot act that removes our civil liberties.

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