Monday, June 6, 2011

Burnaby Weapons Seized

It's hard to keep up with all the weapons seized involved in all the drug related violence in Vancouver but this last one has two interesting points to note. First, for some strange reason the police didn't release the name of the accused. That is odd. Second is one of the firearms found and seized. It was a Uzi with a long silencer. Just like the one found dumped in the Fraser river back in 2009 which the police say was involved in some Vancouver gang related shootings.

We've all heard of the Saturday night Special. Well the Uzi with a long silencer is fast becoming the Vancouver special edition. The Uzi is amazingly fast yet horribly inaccurate due to the short barrel. Adding the long silencer and all of a sudden you lengthen the barrel and improve the trajectory.

As I said before, there was a funny scene in the movie Grand Torino. Two groups of gang bangers in cars were talking shit to each other. One group pulled out a gun as if to say back off and stfu. The other group then pulled out an Uzi and shouted back how many bullets you got? Funny in a movie but no so funny in real life.

I'm really curious why the police didn't release the name of the person who was in possession of those firearms. Come on, which grow ops aren't run by the Hells Angels? We know Uncle Joe from Kelowna was caught in Salmon Arm with a cache load of weapons and a few associates. Shortly thereafter the police seized some cocaine in Salmon arm and found an abandoned grow op there. We know Randy Potts was found with six guns, four silencers and four grenades.

There was a "major" drug ring in Kamloops recently busted with connections to Surrey where a grenade was found in a baby's room. A major drug ring in Kamloops connected to Surrey which was the hub of the Jones brother's operation. How could that not be connected to the Hells Angels as well?


  1. Don't mean to be picky, but...

    Isn't the smg. in your second, lower pic., a MAC-10 or 11...? It's not an Uzi anyway, eh...?

    You might note that gun enthusiasts (who seemed knowledgeable) have posted to The Real Scoop that the silencers are in fact the sophisticated work of only one or two top gunsmiths. These are apparently finely-made & rare. They are calling the suppressors, *pipes* all the time. That sounds like their under-world nick, above-ground suppressors are nicked, *cans.*

  2. Not to "nit-pick" and correct me if Im wrong.... but adding a noise/flash suppressor (aka silencer) does not improve barrel length, as the inside of the suppressor does not actually make contact with the bullet as it is shot from the barrel. I am of the understanding the suppressor does exactly that;suppresses the noise of the shot and flash from the barrel.

    Regardless, the fact is these idiots do manage to get their grubby hands on these weapons.

    I am confident the success rate these morons achieve during their "dealings" is highly attributed to the weapon and the weapon alone. Most hits (aside from the drive-by) take place in very close range so any idiot can squint, point and pull the trigger. & yes, add the high rounds per minute fire rate of a Uzi style sub machine gun and they will likely get the job done.

    As for the Hells Angels, i agree, it would not surprise me one bit if the HA facilitated directly or indirectly these weapons ending up on the streets.

  3. Here's a link to a suppressed Uzi on full/auto.:

    But the gun isn't really silent; the *can* on the barrel is supposed to do a whole bunch of things, such as change the acoustics so's one can't tell where the shooter is. Change the whole nature of the sound itself; so from a short distance, what one hears doesn't sound even like a firearm. In Europe, suppressing noise for hunting is actually a huge business; it's all above ground and the suppressors are legal and desired:

  4. I think you’re right Freddy. I think it is a MAC-10. One of the articles called it an Uzi and I think people have a better idea of what an Uzi is as opposed to a MAC-10. It has a short barrel, is very fast but nor very accurate. I noticed someone claimed that kind of a silencer for that kind of gun is seemingly custom work. It does look kind of awesome despite the fact that it’s being used by bad guys.

  5. Marvin: Quite possible. It might not improve barrel length and trajectory for the reason you cited.

  6. Marvin said...

    "Not to "nit-pick" and correct me if Im wrong..."

    As a life-long gun enthusiast, I'll second Marvin there. Nothing wipes out any performance like a suppressor. Bullets just spray all over for about the twenty feet you have, that's all. It's point-blank or nuthin'. That's 'cause its not even a barrel, the bullets start tumbling as they come out. I used to try building them, and its a very very tough task.

  7. Oh well, it made sense in theory. I’ve never used silencers. It is kinda weird how after making such a big deal about gun control and creating so many hoops to jump through closing so many legitimate gun ranges that a lot of law biding citizens like myself just gave up, and got rid of our guns. Yet at the same time the amount of illegal guns and automatic weapons on the street used to commit crimes has increased. I’m not saying I think we should all have guns in our homes to shoot intruders. All I’m saying is the amount of guns including prohibited not just restricted firearms on the street has increase and that is a concern.

  8. I was the person who mentioned about the silencers being professionally made,they are made in the US and brought here by nefarious means, unfortunately.
    They do not make the weapon accurate,just the opposite! The one bad thing about trying to make your own is that if not spot on in line you can do the shooter serious damage.also,again,yes is a mac-10.
    Interesting blog Agent K I hope I can stay on it.thanks,Cowboy (not my real name)


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