Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lawless Losers

Well something needs to be said. The vast majority of Vancovuerites were outraged and ashamed of the childish idiots who seized the opportunity of the mob and rioted in Vancouver last night. That's the good news. Although it was more than a few troublemakers, the vast majority of the people from here were outraged.

As a result we saw a change in the response by the public. The public were not cheering on the idiots who turned over cars, set them on fire and vandalized stores. The vast majority were taking their pictures and reporting them to the police. This is a good trend.

One person on facebook bragged about all the things they did that night on their facebook status. One of that person's disgusted friends took a screen clip of that childish boast and posted it on a wall for the police to see. This is the social change we need to embrace to prevent being held hostage by a mob of lawless losers. Report them to the police.

When they burn a car or vandalize a store they are stealing from us. They're not just stealing from the owner of the car they set on fire. That hillbilly act raises insurance rates for all of us so in so doing they are stealing from all of us and as a result we as a people need to report that crime not hide it.

When these hillbillies break into a store or a bank and vandalize and loot it, they are stealing from all of us because the price of goods is raised to offset that loss. When they riot and vandalize things the increase policing costs us tax dollars so all that huckleberry hillbilly conduct costs us money. Do you think we are going to protect you now? Not likely. If you have pictures of people committing unlawful acts that night, submit them to the police. If you can identify anyone who was seen committing unlawful acts after the game last night, report them. That is your duty. The rats are the ones who were running around stealing from us. Only rats steal.

I will add that the vast majority of the idiots we saw causing problems last night were white trash. That is nothing to brag about. There were similar problems during the G-8 insanity in Toronto. A lot of people had a legitimate right to voice their concern and object to the extravagant waste of money on Harper's fake lake and fake promise of fiscal responsibility.

Yet the first day of the G-8 in Toronto saw many hillbillies from out of town come in and start rioting and looting. Like kids in a candy store they get all excited about the power trip from a mob and revel in their five minutes of fame compensating for their small man syndrome. We saw one real man on youtube do the right thing.

Yet the next day the police overcompensated and started beating random people who had signs instead of targeting the people they saw committing acts of vandalism. It's really not brain surgery. If you see someone throwing a rock in a store window or setting a car on fire, then you can give that person the boots and arrest him. You don't kick the cat and rob our precious civil liberties by giving random people the boots for exercising their democratic right to free speech.

In London England, they use to have a problem with football hooligans. Thugs who would exploit the mob and cause trouble. In response the police would stand shoulder to shoulder and confine the trouble makers to an area. Then they would send in the Calvary. Police on horseback that would charge in and beat the shit out of the violent thugs with truncheons. That's what I'm talking about. If you see them committing violent unlawful acts, deal with it.

There's nothing worse then seeing a line of riot police getting taunted by a handful of idiots embowered by the mob who throw things at them. When the police see a handful of idiots step away from the crowd to assault the police, that is when the line of riot police pick up their shield and baton and charge forward, past the handful of violent stragglers then reform a new line holding off the mob with the violent stragglers caught behind their line. That's when the police on their side beat the living shit out of the violent stragglers now caught behind their new line. That is Sparta.

When the police are caught on video beating an innocent person like Rodney King, the public are outraged. Yet people are equally outraged when idiots loot, vandalize and set cars on fire. If the public sees a violent idiot commit unlawful acts during the riot, then they see the police attack him with a truncheon, then the public cheer. It really is that simple. If you see him committing a violent crime, take him down. If he is standing there with a sign claiming his charter right, leave him alone.

Several months ago I spoke with someone visiting here from Chicago. He talked about the Chicago riots. He said he lived in the suburbs at the time and they were worried the riots would come out to the suburbs and damage their homes and property. He said they all had guns and took to the street and said if you bring that violence here, we will shoot you dead. We can argue about gun control until the cows come home. Those neighbours bringing out their long guns and standing shoulder to shoulder against the mob during the Chicago riots contained them and prevented the riots from spreading like a wild fire into the suburbs. All I know is if that kind of violence comes into my neighbourhood, my neighbours and I are not going to stand by and watch.


  1. Dude, Rodney King was not innocent. He was a previously convicted felon (robbery) who led CHP on a 14 mile high speed chase before getting off the Interstate into LAPD's jurisdiction. He put a lot of actually innocent people's lives at risk. When they finally got him out of the vehicle, he failed to follow police commands to lay flat on the ground. Did they beat him a little too long? Maybe. But don't say he was innocent, he wasn't. He deserved about 80% of the licks he got.

  2. I disagree. Rodney King was just one example but that was excessive and racial. Here in B.C. we have a long list of police brutality against innocent civilians like the Jeffrey Klassen case. When I say the police should beat the tar out of someone they see commit acts of violence in the Vancouver riot, I mean bash their legs and knees with a baton so they can’t run. I do not mean bashing their heads with a baton and caving in their skull. That too would be wrong. Reasonable force means taking the high road. That is why we have courts. In case the police get the wrong door like they did in the Yao Wei Wu case.

  3. OF course it was excessive. I stated that he deserved about 80% of what he got, not all. I notice that you did not address any of the actual FACTS of the situation leading up to that extra 20%. No comment on all the innocent lives he endangered leading the police on a 14 mile high speed chase instead of just pulling over. I'm also pretty sure you have no actual background or training in legal use of force. I do.

    I'm completely aware of VPD's predilection to ignore everything they were taught about use of force in training and just kick people on the ground or punch them in the face repeatedly. RCMP too for that matter. But that's what you get when their preferred recruit is not a veteran of military service but a BA sociology/psych major who played team sports.

    I lived in the Vancouver area for more than a decade and have personally witnessed some interesting statements ("We're the police, we can do whatever we want", heard on 2 different occasions) and police misconduct (perjury) on the part of VPD officers. At the point where I left Vancouver I had a clipping file a few inches thick on "stupid cop tricks". The offenders were never punished as a civilian would be. No wonder so many people up there have a severe lack of faith in the police. They are functionally above the law they are sworn to enforce.

    I keep up on things up there via The Province online. And while I am completely aware that many Canadians in BC and elsewhere have very little good to say about the USA, I can tell you that a lot of stuff that "members" get away with up there would see them arrested, jailed, and forbidden to work as so much as a security guard for the rest of their lives down here. Certainly when cops down here act excessively and it can be proven, real action is taken. (Rodney King should prove that to your satisfaction) No such thing as being found guilty but given an absolute discharge and back to work with a badge and a gun the next day. No one I've discussed that particular incident with here has been anything but amazed that this was possible.

  4. Only on the West Coast;

    VANCOUVER — A Vancouver spa is offering Stanley Cup riot suspects the opportunity to confess and then de-stress.

    In a once-only, limited-time offer, suspected rioters can turn themselves in to any Lower Mainland Eccotique Spa location and receive a "$50 Calm Down and De-Stress" gift certificate, president Milajne Soligo said in a statement.

    "These people obviously had a lot of pent-up anger during all the chaos. We think they need to calm down and relax," she said.

    Soligo says suspects must show photo ID, describe their illegal activity and apply their fingerprints to the gift certificate before turning themselves in.

    The gift certificate will be activated once the suspect has an official police arrest form.

    Perhaps that's not actually what they need...


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