Monday, June 13, 2011

Bandidos in the drug war

The Bandidios was founded in 1966 by Don Chambers in Texas. In 1972 Don Chambers, Jesse "Deal" Fain and Ray Vincente abducted two drug dealers in El Paso, Texas. The dealers, Marley Leon and Preston LeRay Tarver, had sold baking soda to the Bandidos, claiming it was methamphetamine.

The Bandidos drove the two dealers into the desert north of the city. There, the dealers, were forced to dig their own graves, after which the bikers shot them with shotguns and set fire to their bodies. Chambers, Deal and Vincente were all convicted of these murders; with testimony given by an eyewitness to the event. They all received life sentences.

They didn't murder the drug dealers for selling drugs. They murdered them for selling them fake drugs. The historic origin of the Motorcycle Club involved drug trafficking. Don Chambers, having served in Vietnam as a Marine, modeled the club's colors after the scarlet and gold motif of the United States Marine Corps. After Chambers' presidency ended due to his conviction for murder in El Paso, Texas, Ronnie Hodge was elevated to president.

Kind of a strange logo. A fat Mexican was slang for a big fattie or a large joint. It didn't really represent a fat Mexican. Their logo does look like it could use some time on the stair master. Yet the original connection to the US Marines in Vietnam and drug trafficking is interesting.

Bandido is Spanish for bandit as in thief. The motto I'm going to rob you is somewhat less than noble. Yet the betrayal involved with the Bandidio massacre in Ontario rivals the Hells Angels Lennoxville massacre and the Death Riders take over.

Selling crack has nothing to do with the real MC movement.

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