Thursday, June 2, 2011

Palin Trump - Dumb and Dumber

The Republicans have got to do better than that. Donald Trump and Sarah Palin? That's like dumb and dumber revisited. The wing nut and the whack job. A tax evading Nazi who wants to invade countries like Libya to steal their oil and a down right idiot who can't remember if the US supported North or South Korea in the war. God help us.

Sarah Palin also recently mixed up the Paul Revere story as well. Giving her the nuclear codes would be somewhat less than comical.


  1. Sarah and Donnie really want to be dictators of the USA.
    they are fascist. Remember WW two what are parents fought
    against, well if old Donnie wins we will have the same fight here on US soil. We will be going back way back to
    the dark ages. You all better wake up. and with all the guns in the USA, killing each other we are not any better than ISIS. WE HAVE BECOME THEM.

    1. Indeed. To see them back in the running is absurd.

  2. So a lot of you want to vote old Donny boy. Have you forgotten World War 2, let me refresh you memory.It was
    the big war our fathers fought against fascism. Well folks
    if any republican wins including old Donnie boy, than WW2
    WAS FOR NOT. With all the guns we have in the USA killing
    each other we have shown ISIS we really truly one of them.
    Our kids go to school and they are getting murder by there
    own classmates,when are we as a people going to stand up
    to these politicians,as a nation go back to Washington
    and march.Let gun lobbyist know we mean business. DO we
    need so many guns on our bodies. Will if the answer is yes
    than to too belong to ISIS and may you and all of your buddies and Donny rot in hell.


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