Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Sam Kang sentenced for drug trafficking

The written decision for Sam Kang's sentencing for drug trafficking has been posted on the court website. Sam Kang and Jamie Bacon run the Red Scorpions who work for the Hells Angels. The Brother's Keepers, who also work for the Hells Angels, have been killing all the Kangs in Metro Vancouver. When they kill Samjeet, then Jamie Bacon will be left in charge.

Sam Kang is from Surrey. Jamie Bacon is not. Jamie Bacon couldn't go to the gym without a body guard. That's why the HAs are putting him in charge of the RS. Less overhead and easy to tax.

The sentence decision for Csongor Szucs, Kyle Latimer's co accused is also posted on the court website. Aside from the drugs and firearms seized, they were also in possession of an RCMP uniform. I guess that's because Jamie Bacon likes the cops so much he like to play dress up.
As I previously mentioned, this investigation was spearheaded by the Delta Police Department.

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