Wednesday, July 28, 2021

MGM hosts Sylvester Stallone's Samaritan

With the fall of Disney thanks to their ownership by Communist China, it is nice to seee MGM providing a positive alternative. Communist Disney is turning Captain American into Anti America. Their hateful agenda is not worth watching. MGM has risen to fill the void.

Grit Daily is reporting that "MGM is Starting to Make Their Own Superhero Movies. David Robert Mitchell is not the kind of filmmaker Marvel or Warner Bros. would hire to direct a comic book movie. Their style of filmmaking and Mitchell’s couldn’t be more different. Clearly, Mitchell is a director who wants to make his vision, not somebody else’s. That’s why him of all people directing an original superhero movie is very promising." I can't stand all those guys with tights and capes. At least this is a little more reality based and not quite so nerdy.

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