Saturday, July 24, 2021

Rob Smith and the Hodge Twins address Brandi Love

I wasn't going to mention this one but since Rob Smith and the Hodge Twins already have, I will simply cite them and add my own twist. I had no doubt the Hodge twins would put a humours spin on the event. Brandi Love, a well-known porn star bought a VIP ticket at a Turning Point USA event. She's obviously welcome to do that. However, as Rob Smith pointed out we need to remember that turning Point USA is a family event. The organization speaks to youth and colleges about conservative values. Fidelity in marriage is one of those values.

I'm not sure Brandi Love shares or promotes that value. As I keep saying, what consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business. The key worlds are consenting and adults. Rob Smith is quite right in that the porn industry is not always consensual and is filled with the exploitation and human trafficking of minors. Homosexuality didn't cause the fall of Rome, promiscuity did.

We need to ask ourselves what are we promoting? Is Brandi Love promoting fidelity in marriage? I don't think so. They say the sex trade is the world's oldest profession. The porn industry isn't necessarily the sex trade but Brandi Love is paid to film herself having sex with other people so it is indirectly connected. Are we promoting conservative values or eroding them?

We all know the story of Mary Magdalene. Christ said he who is without sin cast the first stone. Yet Mary Magdalene was repentant. She was ashamed of what she had done. Brandi Love is not. I'm not saying she should be. I'm just saying it's a completely different scenario.

There's no doubt Candace Owens would come unglued over this one. She was railing on Cardy B for degrading women. I have no doubt she would see Brandi Love in the same light. Candace is trying to empower women. Teaching them to have self-respect and help them succeed in life. She tells women they don't have to take off their clothes and be an object to be a success.

Unfortunately, the publicity stunt was very profitable for Brandi because it got her a whole lot of free advertising. As soon as these people are mentioned, their popularity skyrockets. Just like Stormy Danials. Stormy Danials was pretty average. A Trump supporter told me that after her lawsuit, her popularity skyrocketed simply because people became aware of her name.

The Falun Gong state the world needs more morality. They are right. We should not be promoting or endorsing trailer trash like the Desperate Housewives. We should aspire to something higher.

We all know about the wanton daughters of Zion walking and mincing as they go. They shall be smitten with the scab and the itch. That box of cracker jacks contains a nasty little surprise no one wants. "What's the difference between a Surrey girl and a Rolls Royce? Not everyone's been in a Rolls Royce and not everyone wants to be in something everyone else has already been in.

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