Sunday, May 4, 2014

When the Rebel Yells

Last month the Vancouver Province printed an article about the rumours surrounding the Rock Machine coming to Vancouver. Although some claimed it was just some kid calling in to the paper making stuff up, the article quotes a Vancouver cop who claimed Rock Machine colours have been seen in the Lower mainland.

Shortly after that article came out the Toronto Sun printed an article where police in Montreal claimed they found a warehouse with Rock Machine colours in it. Although the Rock Machine was founded in Quebec and raged a long war with the Hells Angels there over drug turf, they had been extinct in Quebec for almost a decade.

We know that the new Rock Machine is in Ontario and Winnipeg and has expanded to Australia. Well now we are hearing rumours about the Rebels from Australia coming to Canada and setting up shop in Toronto. There are even rumours of them trying to set up shop here in BC. I want to be clear that the purpose of my blog and web site is not to advertize for aspiring gangs or gang members to promote their cause and help them build a reputation for their business. This as all rapidly becoming one toxic cess pool of crime and mid life crises.

Obviously the Rock Machine are enemies of the Hells Angels and are affiliated with the Outlaws who have coined the phrase ADIOS (Angels Die in Outlaw States). Seemingly the Rebels from Australia are also enemies of the Hells Angels and are fighting with them in Asia. Evidently, the Rock Machine and the Rebels had some kind of war going on in Australia making everything one big toxic mess.

To make matters worse, last year one chapter of the Rock Machine in Australia patched over to the Bandidios. This was after the Rock Machine's assimilation with the Bandidions in Canada failed and they went back on their own. More complicated still, the Finks who fought with the Hells Angels and refused to join them after they got the woman beater Chris Hudson to defect, have now patched over to the Bandidos.

One of the things that drive me crazy is this ridiculous saying AFFA. Angels Forever Forever Angels. All the puppets and enemies copy the same phrase. It's stupid when the Hells Angels say it and even more ridiculous when a puppet says it knowing full well all the puppets are desperately striving to one day become a real boy just like Pinocchio of old and trade in that puppet patch for what they perceive to be a real boy patch making their forever very short term indeed. Forever is forever until they trade it in or get kicked out and screwed over.

We also know that the Warlocks, another enemy of the Hells Angels have set up shop in Fort McMurray and Drayton Valley outside Edmonton. There are even rumours of them wanting to come to BC and set up shop in Salmon Arm. OK so hold the door. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. No offense but the Warlocks are just more aspiring criminals who are no better than the Hells Angels just not as well organized. Bragging about a lockdown page where their members have been convicted of criminal offenses is absolutely ridiculous.

I will say a word about logos. Back in Belfast, the Provisional IRA used to use a Phoenix as a logo. The graffiti I saw there was of a brown bird that looked similar to an eagle rising from the ashes. However, I can only find green ones online. The Warlocks also use a Phoenix only theirs is yellow and looks like something out of Harry Potter. No offense. It's a free country but that's not the kind of logo that I would be proud to wear nor does it tend to send fear into the hearts of their enemies. It kind of makes me think of Harry Potter and Dumbledore when I see it.

The Rebels on the other hand use a confederate flag. I cannot support that. The confederate flag represents slavery. The saying the south shall rise again refers to that insane quest to bring back slavery. As God lives, if the south shall rise again the north will be there to stop them. Consequently I can not support the Rebels MC in BC.

I do like the Rock Machine logo. I don't support them selling crack but I do like their logo. An eagle's head is way better then a helmeted skull with devil horns that looks like something out of the lord of the flies. I also like the Outlaws logo. I usually can't stand the over use of the skull in logos but a simple skull with V twin pistons is fine and comes in second to the RM logo in my opinion. In third comes Michael McCrea's Highlanders MC in Cape Breton. I like claymores.

So here's the deal. I have beef with the Hells Angels monopoly of the drug trade in BC and of the sex trade. If you say you want a revolution and you want to rage against the big red machine, I am totally down with that. But if you want to sell crack or pimp crack hos and wear a 1% f*ck up patch then you can count me out. When that rebel yells you're on your own. I will not support it. Instead, my guitar will gently weep.


  1. McRae is an ex HA President and not, I am told, active in the club scene. He is not affiliated with the Highlanders of Nova Scotia. The Cape Breton chapter is the second in the province, the first being the long-time chapter in Antigonish.

  2. I thought he set it up after he left the HAs?

  3. While it's true than Klansmen, Neo-Nazi's, and others who have no use for blacks use the Confederate flag to represent that aspect of their identity, that does not mean that this is the only thing it's about and that when you see that flag, it's always a representation of that belief system. Imagine telling Japanese or Indians that (the "OG's of swastika use) because they use the swastika they hate Jews. It just wouldn't be an accurate statement.

    It's hard to explain to someone who has never been there, or known/worked with any large number of folks from "the south", but to them the Confederate flag most often doesn't represent that at all, it represents southern culture, which of course is different than elsewhere in the US. Food, language, manners, standards of behavior, etc..

    In the sense that it is connected with the word "Rebel", it represents non-conformity, or rebellion against the established order.

    Unfortunately the "Race Baiting Industry", led by poverty pimps like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, has been able to repeat the idea that the Confederate flag = slavery enough, and bully institutions that have it as part of their logo or fly it below the US flag into removing it. It's part of doing what they do, victim hood in perpetuity, threatening boycotts and generating bad publicity to extort public concessions and financial settlements. Basically, people pay them to go away.

    A time when slavery existed IS something that this flag represents. But it's not all it represents, and depending on who's using it and why, it may not represent that at all.

  4. Yes, that IS why all the racists and Neo-Nazi's use it. It''s just not why everyone else uses it.

    I'm not sure where you get the idea that all southerners claim that the civil war wasn't about slavery. I'm pretty sure I've known a lot more southerners in the same way I'm sure you you've known a lot more Irishmen than I have, and trust me, most of them if you were to ask would readily agree that it was over slavery. What the ones who say that it wasn't are talking about is the idea that people who didn't live there were going to tell them how THEY had to live. Obviously picking slavery as an issue to express this over was a very poor one. However, at the end of the day, the Civil War was more correctly about "the idea of succession from the Union over the issue of slavery". Lincoln decided to go to war not just to end slavery, but to maintain The Union, and his own writings confirm this.

  5. I didn't mean all Southerns claim the civil war wasn't over slavery, just some. Some claim it was about the south being free and independent from the union when in reality it was really about slavery. No doubt it is possible some would claim their use of the confederate flag doesn't represent racism and slavery to them. It's hard to believe since it is used by so many to represent that just like the swastika is. Obviously not all southerns are bad. I do have a problem with the use of that flag and cannot therefore support he Rebels in BC.

  6. There's a bit of a parallel with Germans and German nationalism. Hitler and the NSDAP (Nazi's) welded the concept of German national pride of any type to Nazism so effectively that it has not really been separated yet. In other words, to express any degree of national pride, pride in ones country, pride in being German, is to be immediately branded a neo-Nazi, whether it is justified or not, so that even flags or symbols that predate National Socialism are suspect.

    It seems the HA are fast running out of decent names for their puppet clubs. The name "Rebels" of course has history in Canada, with 1% MC clubs of that name in Alberta and Saskatchewan in the 1970's/80's/90's patching over to the HA. But the "new" Rebels are just another puppet club which was created by the HA and will be disbanded like the rest that are "forever" (LOL) as soon as it has served it's purpose or drawn too much heat. The Confederate battle flag and the grey Confederate Army cap on a skull are just slightly out of (OK, way out of) place in Canada.

    1. So much wrong information in both the article and replies! 1st of all, The Rebels are not a newly formed support club in BC! If you did a little research Trailrunner78, you would find out that the Rebels are as big (or almost)in Australia as the HA in the entire world! With, I believe 2000+ members, they are 4 times the size of the next biggest club in Australia. They have been around since the late '60s. 2nd, Rock Machine tried to patch over to Bandidos in Quebec. They may be friends of Outlaws(as are the Bandidos), but not aspiring to be them. 3rd, Finks, as mentioned below, patched over to Mongols, not Bandidos. 4th, Warlocks (at least the Florida club) are friends with the Angels and enemies of Outlaws, not enemies of the HA.

    2. Rebels MC

  7. hey there from Perth, Australia, just letting you know the finks have actually been patched over by the Mongols Mc

  8. The Mongols? Thanks. That would make more sense. The paper had it wrong then.


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