Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ontario drug ring linked to Mennonites

This one's rather bizarre. The Hells Angel supporters are loving it. There was a recent drug bust in Ontario tied to a group of Mennonites in southwestern Ontario. Yeah that's not a typo. Obviously it's not something the Mennonite church endorses. It's just a group of Mennonites who wanted to make some money. I just noticed there was another Mennonite drug ring across the Alberta border September 2013. That's kind of shocking.

Kinda like the Mossad. They have been involved in drug trafficking since Operation Watchtower and Iran Contra. Somewhat hypocritical to say the least. Not long ago the police seized a brick of cocaine in BC that had a Star of David stamped on it. If that's not blasphemy, I don't know what is.


  1. Hey don't doubt it the Mennonites are everywhere. They've been busted here in Manitoba trying to smuggle pot across the North Dakota/Manitoba border from Mexico which means they already somehow managed to cross the US/Mexico line. They act dumb as hell and of course when questioned don't understand a word of english but once in Canada they seem to wise up awfully quick. Pretty damn funny actually.

  2. I think in Alberta they owned land on both sides of the border.

  3. The story is they hid the pot inside coaches and stuff and somehow managed to get across two international borders before finally getting caught. Pretty good cover that looking and behaving like pious religeous zealots. Some of the women seemed to not even realize what they were doing was illegal. lol

  4. Proud to be Mennonite.


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