Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Hells Angels control of street Prostitution

OK here's part two. We've established two things. The Hells Angels involvement with the drug trade as well as their involvement with prostitution and human trafficking. It is hard to conceive that they would be in any way involved with street prostitution in East Vancouver or in Surrey, but they are. They control it.

Let's talk about the Front Room. The epicenter of drug related violence in Surrey. This is where Janice Shore was last seen before she was brutally murdered for a nominal drug debt. I've talked about the predatory drug dealers outside the Front Room before. They are very aggressive and very violent. I've mentioned how violent they are towards street prostitutes there.

I've always had a hard time visualizing a Surrey or East Vancouver crack ho having a pimp extorting their wages. Now I find out the drug dealers are the pimps. The drug dealers give the street prostitutes crack and create a debt. Then when they get a trick they have to bring the money back to them to repay the debt.

Annette Allan worked outside the Front Room. She was murdered at the Surrey House of Horrors and was dumped in the Fraser River. Joseph Francis Legassie, 38, of Surrey was originally charged with her murder but that charge was dropped and replaced with the lesser charge of unlawful confinement.

Joanna Larson confessed to murdering Annette Allan. She beat her with a hammer and stabbed her nine times with a screwdriver. Wrapped her up in a blanket with rocks and dumped her body in the Fraser River. Jojo was released from prison for that murder in 2011.

Annette was picked on because she wasn't particularly good-looking, and they were trying to make it $40 no less. She'd come back with $20 and that lowered the bar for everyone else. Jojo's claim that Annette was a rat was a bold faced lie.

Teri-Lyn Williams was another sex trade worker in Surrey that was found dead outside Tbarz in 2010. Dustin Lee Lalonde confessed to her murder but we know that often guys in prison will be paid to confess to other crimes they didn't commit.

Recently we talked about Larry Robert Mizen. Another drug dealer and pimp outside the Front Room with a long history of violence. He always had a female co accused as well. Just like Colleen, that fat ugly white girl outside the Front Room right now terrorizing all the sex trade workers there. I think these service providers need better representation than the Hells Angels because the HAs just aren't protecting them from the violence and exploitation at all. They are the ones benefiting from it. If they control the drugs outside the Front Room then they ultimately control the street prostitution there as well.

The drug dealers that exploit the sex trade workers outside the Front Room also demand free service. That tree where they murdered Janice Shore is where they go to get free blow jobs from the sex trade workers they exploit. This is why we have to target the drug dealer outside the Front Room. They are the source of all the violence.

Take a look at the before and after pictures of Teri-Lyn Williams. The first picture is of Terry after her drug addiction in Surrey. The bottom one is of Terry in Alberta taken in 1996. Crack is a poison we have to oppose. We also have to oppose the Hells Angels involvement in human trafficking.

Let's also remember Shannon Collins who was murdered in Edmonton. Her sister was told she was leaving for Calgary to work for the Hells Angels. However, since she was living what police described as a high risk lifestyle, it appears she had already been working for the boys in Edmonton. Georgina Papin was also originally from Edmonton. Her DNA ended up on the Pickton farm. It's a slippery slope. They start off recruiting exotic dancers. Then it's all about strippers and blow. Soon that turns to crack and as soon as the drugs eats away at the woman's beauty and she stops making money she is no longer an asset and is disposed of as a liability.

To all the Mary Magdalenes out there I encourage you to walk away from the drugs. Just walk away and if you can't walk away, run. Run for your life. While you still can. If the drugs won't kill you the one dealing them to you will. Buyer Beware.


  1. I think an investigation into those "advocates" to legalize prostitution is deserving. Very deserving.

    Since the HA (organized crime) control various "legal" (I put this in quotes to reflect man's law) enterprises (i.e. medical marijuana grow ops) as well as illegal ones, the only thing legalizing prostitution will do will be to allow the HA to develop a virtual empire.

    I would wager a fair sum those advocating for the legalization are doing so at the behest and bidding of said group.

    1. Prostitution and drugs work together right?
      In order to get a female to sell herself she has to be in a bad need for a fix.

      The war on drugs has always been a complete failure. Ya we hear of a bust hear or there. When any bust that happens another person is offered big cash to be a mule and the supply is on the way in minutes or hours to replace the lost drug's.
      When the cold hard truth is those few bust's took ton's of man hour's by police. Then ad on the cost of a court trial and appeals + the 55000/year for prison cost per inmate. It is completely ridiculous how we can throw a endless supply of money at the RCMP, courts and prisons.

      When senior citizens have to choose either to eat or take there medicine. The health and education for everyone in Canada is degrading. We cant even defend our northern boarders because the military can't afford to. We even sent our soldiers in to a desert operation wearing jungle greens.

      For the life of I can not understand why Canada does not look at Holland and Portugal. Holland licenses hookers and make them get tested for STD's regularly. Other then Pot and Hash drugs are illegal in Holland. But they don't enforce drug laws unless they have to, like in public shooting heroin or smoking crack.
      Portugal has proven with out a doubt that making all drugs legal WORKS! Instead of paying for prison for addicts that would be in prison for stealing to support there habit. They pay for REHAB and it is way cheaper. And Portugal has been constantly dropping the amount of drug user's.

      If Canada really did want to get rid of organized crime, It would be easy. You cut off the hand's from the criminal's. Take drug and prostitution profits away by legalization. Prohibition did not work in the simple 30's and it sure don't work today. All prohibition does is make the drugs insanely overvalued. Overvalued drugs and sex is just huge tax free money funneled into crime.

      All of my life I have seen countries throw endless money at the money pit called "The War On Drugs" . Addicts still stay addicted and find the junk to shove in there arms still to this day. Prostitution is legal by escort services anyway. You pay for huge a date and she likes you so much, she even has sex with you for free.

      Put drug / prostitution profits into health and education. Show kids pictures and movies of what meth, heroin and crack does to you after a short time. When they see peoples teeth falling out and them age 20 years in a 1 year time frame. No kid's touch it just like in Holland and Portugal have proven with low numbers of users.

      It is time to stop grossly over spending on a lost cause and criminals. While the majority of us have to pay for it all while our health care, education and military keep on getting cutbacks.

    2. Slim Shady: No offense but I could not disagree with you more. Legalizing drugs will not stop the Hells Angels it will make them unstoppable. In Holland the Hells Angels used extortion to purchase the Yab Yum brothel for much less than it was worth. If we look at how crack eats people alive, anyone who wants to legalize that is insane. That would be cruel and inhumane.

  2. The only thing Portugal's decriminalization of drugs has done is taken that statistic off the wall. It is akin to the myth of the ostrich hiding the head in the sand.

    If we hide our heads in the sand and pretend it does not exist then obviously the problem has gone away.

    Does it really work for pre-school children to stick their fingers in their ears, scream and close their eyes?

    That's exactly the same thing as decriminalizing drugs.

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